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As with all compilations, every fan has their favourite songs and there are sometimes disappointments with certain songs not having made the cut.

This 2CD or vinyl release is exactly what it says on the tin � the best of Primal Fear. However, it only covers the last ten years, so the albums that these tracks have come from consists of in descending order, 'Rulebreaker' (2016), 'Delivering The Black' (2014), 'Unbreakable' (2012), '16.6 (Before The Devil Knows You're Dead)' (2009) and 'New Religion' (2007). This is because 'Metal Is Forever � The Very Best Of Primal fear' was released in 2006 and covered their first six studio albums, with half of the sixteen songs from that album still in their regular live set.

'Best Of Fear' features eight of their current live set and also three new songs plus a new instrumental intro to enhance the package and giving it an added buy-ability factor. The intro 'Area 16' leads off the first disc and is a Classical piece of film-score music that segues into 'Predator', a melodic rip-roaring heavy-as-fuck slammer that typifies what Primal Fear are all about � Heavy Power Fucking Metal! Then comes the surprise... and absolute ace in the pack! A cover of the Jack Conrad and Bob Garrett penned 'If Looks Could Kill' that Heart featured on their re-invented self-titled 1985 album.

It's a rather ambiguous song because it was originally sung by Pamala Stanley in a rather sanitised Pop version � par for the course for writers looking to get controversial lyrics past the censors in the 1980s � but with Ann Wilson singing it with such venom and more in line with how Conrad and Garrett envisioned how it should be, it would be easy to suggest it's about a woman confronting a cheating partner, however, I firmly believe it's the other way round, therefore it has so much more menace and power with Ralf Scheepers delivering a supercharged version coming across like Wilson on steroids! It's a totally inspired selection and an astonishing cover song!

'Thrill Of Speed' is the third new song and powers along in typical Primal Fear fashion full of melody and sing-along-ability with metaphorical fist pumping and headbanging a-plenty. The first disc, as Matt Sinner points out, contains the new songs and their most favourite Rockers, whilst disc two showcases the epic and longer songs.

As with all compilations, every fan has their favourite songs and there are sometimes disappointments with certain songs not having made the cut, but it's more interesting for me to see what songs in their repertoire the band really like that don't get played live often or at all; I refer you back to '...Could Kill' � enough said.

Carl Buxton

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