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An album that doesn't live up to its hyperbolic billing and is unlikely to be told "get your coat, you've pulled".

Listening to this German sextet's debut feels a lot like internet dating. It's not that the guys moody strains are romantic, but because their description of the record is crammed with embellishments that don't tell the whole story. Much like when someone's online profile states they're a successful entrepreneur who looks like Brad Pitt, when in actual fact they run a lemonade stand and merely possess a similar eyebrow to old Benjamin Button. Therefore, let's look at their claims and separate fact from fiction.

Firstly, they've said 'Path Of Salvation' boasts a "phat production" from Dark Millennium's Hilton Theissen. Amusing spelling aside, it's a stellar sonic presentation that ably captures a style they believe "cannot be classified by any formula"... or can it?

These songs are a mixture of restless Prog "epics" and comparatively straightforward numbers. Largely resembling a less Doomy Paradise Lost, the band throw numerous mood shifts, Iron Maiden licks and Dream Theater-esque orchestration into what is a rather unbalanced and mostly unmemorable mix. Regardless of 'Fortune' and 'Mirrorplain' impressing – thanks to well executed tempo changes and cinematic textures – it's nothing you've not heard before by bands who anchor those elements to much better song-writing.

Their affirmation that this is a "Melodic Rock album" largely applies to the instrumentation as its hooks are instantly forgettable. Vocalist Christian Döring, in spite of apparently possessing "a gentle as well as charismatically rough voice", is an uncomfortable fit. When he croons the albums most melodically rich, post-Grunge acoustic ballad 'Reparation' he isn't bad, but his predominant gruff singing lacks the tone, range and feeling to enhance those weak choruses and do his bandmates widescreen paintings justice.

Mirrorplain say this record is "great fun to listen to", but its lyrics are dark, sometimes wordy and generally uninspiring thanks to their delivery. That said, the over earnest "tell me why, mummy" on 'Eternal Jack' is unintentionally hilarious. Then there's the bizarre bonus track 'Jerz Off' with its weird sexual revenge story that belongs to a ditty that sounds like Flight Of The Conchords spoofing Red Hot Chili Peppers in the style of Steel Panther. It's so bad it's probably the most entertaining moment on an album that doesn't live up to its hyperbolic billing and is unlikely to be told "get your coat, you've pulled".

Simon Ramsay

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Eddie Van Hetfield said:

I got in contact with that band through a friend. In my opinion the mixture of that many influences is a fresh and new Idea. I hope to hear something more from these guys.
August 21, 2018
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