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This honestly sounds like it was recorded in someone's bedroom, I'm lost for words that it's considered a finished product.

Oh dear... where to start? When our Reviews Editor sent me this album, I was both intrigued and hopeful. The reason for this is because I was a Queensrÿche fan from the very beginning, having purchased their 'Queen Of The Reich' EP and first seen them live when they supported Dio at the Birmingham Odeon. I then saw them numerous times over the decades all over Europe and let me tell you something... getting rid of Geoff Tate was the best thing they ever did. His dreadful "musical visions" dragged the once mighty band into the doldrums with his once majestically soaring voice faltering and falling apart as the years dragged on. When the inevitable split finally happened in 2012, I was relieved. Todd La Torre has made them relevant and powerful again, while Tate? Oh dear...

I've heard both 'The Key' and 'Resurrection' and cannot for the life of me see what Frontiers saw in this mess. Sadly 'The New Reality' does nothing to give me hope that things will ever get better. The band was allegedly a super-group of world-class musicians, yet in reality of course, it's been Tate and a bunch of whoever would take his pay cheques.

I honestly tried so hard to like this, but yet again, Kelly Gray proves he can't produce his way out of a wet paper bag and – and much to my amusement Tate now sounds like a poor man's David Bowie. Thankfully, his voice is low in the (truly awful) mix. This honestly sounds like it was recorded in someone's bedroom, I'm lost for words that it's a considered a finished product as it truly doesn't sound like it.

I'm trying to find any redeeming features, but the songs are nearly all substandard, only the lengthy title track begins to hint at how fine this could have been, the rest seem to be mainly filler and no killer – it really is desperate. Tate keeps hinting at a reconciliation with his old bandmates, I pray they say "never again" as he clearly has next to nothing to offer musically any more.

Chris O'Connor

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