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Bullets and Octane / Last Hounds - Black Heart, London (UK) - 11 July 2018

Despite the venue being empty due to the England game, Last Hounds took the opportunity to command the whole room with energetic dance moves of which Mike Patton would be proud. It was loud, noisy and entertaining Punk crossed with Nu Metal and Thrash. They got more stars because they danced like nobody was watching... because they weren't. Hopefully next time they play London they will draw a luckier date.

Bullets And Octane Live 1

Thankfully, by the time Bullets And Octane were on, the England game was over and despite the adverse result, those in attendance were up for it. With many mostly wasted, it seemed matters might have turned ugly early on when singer Gene Louis threw water on the crowd and one girl jumped on stage to thump him for his efforts. As she was half his size, if that, he reacted humorously and diffused matters, and within thirty seconds she was dancing again or at least moving erratically while being held upright by her boyfriend, who seemed oblivious to what just happened. I guess that's how she rolled and indeed it was a devil-may-care audience to the core as you may expect for this American Punk band. The theme was very much Rock 'n' Roll with punching the air, pogoing and shouting lyrics being the order of the day from the first. Despite very accessible material, the band clearly had an attractive underbelly which set Camden alight and had young girls pole dancing around pillars like Lita Ford. Introductions like "This is a song about drinking. Raise your hands if you like drinking a lot" was all it really took for a New Year atmosphere to ensue.

As such, this was a highly interactive show with guitar solos performed while balancing on monitors tight in the crowd's face, and very soon, right among the crowd itself while members of the audience poured drinks into band mouth's and took selfies with the musicians mid-flight. The show had a very spontaneous, exciting and out of control feel that fitted the bands high-octane, trashy Punk Rock perfectly. There was a direct line to The Sex Pistols somewhere and it was good to see the spirit alive, even if most of the crowd were well over twenty-one, the age Sid Vicious crashed and burned.

Bullets And Octane Live 2

For an encore, the band did a very good impression of 'Rebel Yell' that sounded very much like Billy Idol, particularly in the verse. Full of three minute wonders, the set was over quickly and undoubtedly left the crowd wanting more. They did what it said on the tin.

Dawn Osborne

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