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A classic case of nearly but not quite.

It's always intriguing to discover that a band has a variety of inspirations at their disposal but it's not always quite so enthralling to discover that they want try and display all of them at the same time. 'I Can Do It Again' is the third full length outing from Russia's Melodic Metal mayhem-makers Overwind, but since 2015's 'Level Complete' lead singer Alexander Chumakov has been dispensed with in favour of Max La'Fleur, who himself lasted for only one EP before being replaced by Spaniard Diego Teksuo.

Obviously not having their troubles to seek when it comes to filling the spot behind the mic, if Overwind want to continue with their chosen attack of clean and growled vocals, then I'd suggest that they've found the man to master the former, but need to add a new voice for the latter. Teksuo is a talented singer, but he often sucks the intrigue from a varied musical offering by way of a perfunctory extreme attack.

That said, to suggest that if this outfit can find the right voice for the more aggressive end of their approach then all would be rosy in the garden, would maybe be a little bit of a stretch. Nothing here is anything other than energetic and from the heart, but that clear enthusiasm doesn't quite make up for an album that feels like it's running a check list of Metallic implements to deploy. A blast of Symphonic synths here, a tirade of kick and snare there, throw in some growls, a little brutality and some clean, clear and, to be fair, rather seductive melodies and you can't quite shake off the impression that we're playing spot the cliché.

When it's done right, such as on the memorable blast of 'Sleepwalker' or the more dramatic, almost Kamelot like 'Blackout', there are serious signs of promise. However, all too often things slip into the faux angst of 'One More Day', or the stick or twist of 'Get Over Crises', which suffers from being a perfectly good slice of Melodic Rock that's over-Metalised. The most frustrating aspect of 'I Can Do It Again' is not that certain elements don't quite work, it's that when they do, it's with a desperate effort to conform to type, leaving Overwind as a classic case of nearly but not quite.

Steven Reid

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