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One of the strongest and most complete melodic prog metal albums I've heard in many a moon.

It's hard to believe but Mercury Falling have been around as a band for more than fifteen years and 'Into The Void' is their fourth album – and on the strength of this wonderful release, I will be seeking out their back catalogue as soon as possible. Why you might ask? Well because Mercury Falling blend a magical mix of dark brooding metal with modern progressive rock that as heavy as that sounds, still has many layers of complex pompous overblown melodies running through its superb multi layered songs.

It astounds me after listening to the CD that this band with this album (which has been out for quite a while) haven't made a much bigger impact on the prog metal genre than they have; because the band borrows some of the best things from the likes of Elegy, Avantasia and Iron Saviour and then add in bits of Symphony X, Mystic Prophecy and Lion's Share for effect. I'm sure you'll begin to realise the attraction that this band, and its wonderful music, have. Don't for one moment think that Mercury Falling are mere copyists; what gives this band its own individuality, are the pomp like keyboards of Daniel Galmarini, which add a depth and feeling to every song that makes up 'ITV'.

Best examples of what Mercury Calling are all about are include the totally over the top track 'In Dark Waters' that sees the keyboards and guitars clash and fight for supremacy, while the band pour on brooding melody after brooding melody, to increase the heat. Then there's 'Into The Void' with its all out blitzkrieg riffing from guitarist Tobias Galmarini, which threatens to destroy your speakers and finally the mid-paced splendour called 'When Worlds Collide', where MC show that they aren't just a one trick pony but a band that have a dramatic flare and intensity in their music and know just when to use light and shade for best effect.

'Into The Void' is one of the strongest and most complete melodic prog metal albums I've heard in many a moon and I know reviewers hate these two words but this album is 'Highly Recommended' to all...

Ian Johnson

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Franco Cerchiari said:

It's a great thing when completely by accident you come across a band who you have never heard of, and upon hearing them for the first time the thought comes, "why in hell have I not heard of these guy before?" Much like I did when the music of Sentenced, ReinXeed, Voyager, Dark Star, Maxxwell and Seven Kingdoms found it's way to my eardrums. The same thing happened when the sounds of Mercury Falling came my way. Instantly I was hooked, and within a few days, I had purchased their entire catalog.

Mercury Falling's latest outing, Into the Void is a blast of power metal complete with killer keyboards, searing guitar solos and the gritty vocals of Michael Pabst. By way of comparison to Mercury Falling's last release, 2012's Human Nature which had a more goth feel to it (think HIM or The 69 Eyes,) which was especially notable on "Hell Inside Me," "Different Eyes," and "Alter Ego," here on Into the Void the sound is all power metal, (think Firewind - and that's always a good thing.)

Check out the CD highlights. The incredible lyrics of "Stranger In Us All," the eerie, ominous feel of "In Dark Waters," the furious "Queen of Pain," with it's jaw dropping mid track keyboard solo, the cymbal heavy "Book of Hate," the bass guitar of "When World's Collide," and the episodic, speaker filling closing track "Long Way Out of Hell."

It's an amazing thing when a band comes along that releases a CD you want to hear time and again. This is such a CD. Hearing this once just isn't enough. Buy it, put these tracks onto your portable player so you can take the power metal heard here everywhere you go.

This was simply an incredible CD.
September 17, 2013
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