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Written by Central Electronic Brain     July 17, 2019    
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Call Of The Wild 2019 - Showground Lincolnshire, Lincoln (UK) - 25-26 May 2019

This was the first Call Of The Wild festival and the list of bands on offer was staggering for a first-time gig. There were three stages; the main stage Kilminster and two secondary stages, Clover Hoof and Bad Lands. With over fifty bands on offer and three well known headliners, it was incredible value for money.


Kicking off proceedings were the Electric Jesters (an acoustic show with members of Knock Out Kaine) on Cloven Hoof. This was a VIP only performance, but the area in front of this smaller stage was pretty full and the reception was super enthusiastic in anticipation of what was to come. It was mostly high-quality covers (kicking off with 'I Want You To Want Me') but also featured some of the most popular Knock Out Kaine songs. Dean Foxx's whisky laden voice coupled with his Stetson and mirrored shades ticked all the cool boxes, and souped up metal style versions of 'Copperhead Road' and 'Freefallin'' hit the spot. They finished with 'Sweet Home Alabama' and 'Rebel Yell' and it was a great start.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Electric Jesters

I then headed over to the Kilminster where Villainous were the openers of the main stage. While they are not directly in my genre, definitely coming from the Nu-Metal stable with a fair few death growls for good measure, they were professional and put on a great show like a heavily tattooed System Of A Down. They were competition winners so the fact that they were here means they already have the thumbs up of the people.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Villanious

Tenyson opened the Bad Lands stage with a big echoey voice and a kind of Telstar-like vibe. They headed towards a rockier finish with a big emphasis on guitar and vocals.

Revival Black were next on Cloven Hoof and they have a very obvious seventies vibe and much less of a Hair Metal vibe than when I saw them in a previous incarnation as Black Cat Bones at Hair Metal Heaven in Hull. They looked comfortable and accomplished on stage and reminded me of Inglorious with a big, rich voice and screeching guitars.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Revival Black

Naked Six is the band with vocalist Seb, son of Biff Byford, and a number of crowd members were very excited to see Biff in the crowd who had come to watch, recognising him despite his hat and ponytail. Naked Six also have a seventies vibe, but not in a flower power way, more crossed with a crazy Punk/Clockwork Orange influence. There were plenty of big riffs and smiling faces around the main stage for this.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Naked Six

Guts on the Badlands stage were your more basic Rock/Punk band starting out, think Nirvana but a bit more out of tune.

The Idol Dead appearing on the main stage were more pure, ill-bred Punk with a selection of three minute wonders. They were happy, joyful and northern, super energetic and clearly crowd favourites. Vocalist Polly got a great reaction when he went down to the barrier to "mingle". They also reminded me a bit of the Backyard Babies at times.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live The Idol dead

Black King Cobra on Cloven Hoof had more of a trucker vibe. They are hard rockin' from Glasgow and delivered guitar a la White Stripes. With meaty riffs and a powerful vocal they are another band with a seventies vibe like Inglorious. The skinny guitarist in his Adidas trackie and baseball cap reminded me fleetingly of Rick Nielsen.

A Joker's Rage are visually striking - with white face make up, joker mouths, American Indian head dresses and large bazooka party poppers of confetti they were determined not to be ignored. Big seventies riffs and high-pitched vocals led to an excited crowd member telling me "you can't miss them, they are like Queen". Well I am not sure I agree on that, but they were entertaining, definitely worthy of the main stage and good at what they do.

New Generation Superstars on Badlands were a dose of Rock 'n' Roll a la Backyard Babies, but better in my opinion. Rocky Shades was so impressed he jumped up to do a Ramones cover, but then time was called for this extra curricular activity when he forgot the words. I have always thought NGS's songs were great and the drummer did his best to keep things theatrical, but I cannot get used to the singer's flat cap reminding me of whippets and ferrets matched with at least six full sleeves on stage. Well at least I can say it's original and we are in Lincolnshire, I guess.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live New Generation Superstars

Lords Of Ruin on Cloven Hoof are almost Power Metal with very loud bass. The sandy haired singer has a good voice which got shown off more when the band quietened down for a second, and he was extremely well dressed in long leather coat and large buckle and totally looked the part.

Back to the main stage and Last Great Dreamers always bring a positive vibe with their Stones-y Pop Punk offering. They got into a jam onstage mid set with huge riffs flying around like confetti. 'White Light, Black Heart' and 'Oblivion Kids' are monster tunes and always instantly change me into party mode.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live LastGreat Dreamers

Bad Pollyanna on Cloven Hoof provided slightly operatic Metal and the singer had an impressive set of pipes.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Bad Pollyanna

Trucker Diablo were good time rockers in a more Southern Rock kind of way on the main stage.They are so called presumably because of the diabolical riffs. The greatest song in the world comes to mind.

Syteria on the Bad Lands stage with a guitarist taken from Girlschool were surprisingly poppy, with the singer reminding me of the Bangles vocalist. With commercial material and some coordinated step-work they do have a self-conscious feel as if they are thinking about things too hard or someone else is pulling the strings, but they looked and sounded great, so best of luck to them.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Systeria

My favourite band today was Rocky Shades Wrathchild on Cloven Hoof with his and totally over the top bazooka which shot confetti and Steam Punk eye piece that was a bit over blown with a comedy moment when it wouldn't shoot at first, but he looked and acted like a bona fide Rock star complete with toothless grin, and although the band were always more about attitude than winning awards for tone and pitch I just had the most fun all day at their gig. There was a wild solo on a Flying V during 'Trash Queen'. Punky Glam Rock 'n' Roll is something I love and they scratched that itch for me.. "Na Na Na Na Nukklear Rokket".

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Wrathchild

The Virgin Mary's on Kilminster were honestly an unknown quantity to me. There was enough Glam Rock "whoa -oah-oah" changes and guitar to keep me there to the end, but other parts were a bit 'Sergeant Pepper' which no doubt others would find a good thing. Frankly I enjoyed Wrathchild so much who were so up my street any band was gonna be an anti climax for me, but I finished the day not believing that I managed to see so much already.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live The Virgin Marys


The Brink opened the main proceedings as a surprise addition to the bill. Without rhythm guitarist Izzy they still packed a punch, albeit with less action on stage. As with everything so far the sound was great, showing off the band's arena style and the quality material from their debut.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live The Brink

Back on Bad Lands Droll Man were post nineties Nu Metal. Big shorts, with a vocalist that reminded me of the crazy cop in Police Academy. As a result he was quite magnetic to watch and they were rocking in a stoner kind of way. He was the only one on stage looking like he might make it with the other members seeming quite shy by comparison. A shock to the system after the more polished Brink.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Droll Man

Back on the main stage The Erotics provided Faster Pussycat inspired Rock 'n' Roll, bringing a bit of sleazy vocal and trashy guitar. No one can say the festival didn't have something for everybody. I particularly enjoyed 'The Things We Do In The Night' from 'The Songs Remain Deranged'.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live The Erotics

The Spangles on Badlands were unsurprisingly Punk Pop, with Polly the singer from the Idol Dead taking the roll of Sid Vicious as bassist. Their songs make you automatically want to pogo even if you are over 50, so you can rely on them for an injection of energy. There was a lot of jumping around on stage and they actually did give me the feeling they really were having an exceptionally good time on stage in the same way naughty kids get up to tricks after school...

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live The Spangles

The Sourheads on Cloven Hoof were like a cross between Bang Tango and Iggy Pop. There seemed to have been a change of image for the band recently heralding a change in the air.

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Hands Off Gretel on the main stage were more alternative in a Dale Bozzio kind of way. You know, kinda cutesy, but probably have a razor blade clutched behind their back in case you get too close. While not really my genre they put on a great show and people just couldn't stop staring at the girls in this band as they are so stunning!

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Hands Off Gretel

The Finest Hour on Badlands were punky, thrashy boys in baseball caps. They're a bit Manchester and a bit Levellers with the occasional death growl. The most memorable thing about them was their extraordinary drummer with a dagger tattoo on his head and a leopard print shirt who reminded me of a circus strongman as he knocked hell out of the drums. Apart, of course, from the fact that they have a song about a "love story between a serial killer and a prostitute"... Jack the Bodice Ripper I wondered? Ahem.

Fire Red Empress on Kilminster were a bit Goth with a heavy back line. The singer is an extremely attractive female who seems to be able to go from a sweet high vocal to a scream in an instant. It's not really my thing, but I can understand why a lot of people admire it.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Fire Red Empress

Tantrum on Cloven Hoof are very old-skool Metal influenced, particularly by Dio with a high energy Scottish vocalist with a lot of vibrato and high quality guitar solos. I particularly liked the doom riff Black Sabbath influenced material and there were obvious Priest influences too.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Tantrum

Falling Red could not attend due to their bassist being diagnosed with cancer. The festival marked their absence by a collection from the main stage instead which raised over 300 quid in a short space of time.

Everyday Heroes' vocalist with his superb bluesy vocals reminded me of a combination of the main men from King King and Big River. Good material with influences including ZZ Top, Black Stone Cherry and Memphis, old black blues, showed the talent off to its best on Cloven Hoof. It was hard rocking with a big, long series of guitar licks, kinda like the solo in 'Free Bird' that as far as I am concerned can go on forever.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Everyday Heroes

Waco vocalist Jack is clearly a very charismatic character if somewhat eccentric in a fascinating way. Despite the alarming band name Jack wore an Indian style hippy jacket and said the band are all about peace and love, although this is clearly in a sixties rebellion way. Passionate and wacky with trashy guitar they were far more interesting to me on the Badlands stage than Colt 45 on the main stage who I found a bit vanilla for my taste.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Waco

I caught a little bit of Tom Harte from Trucker Diablo's acoustic show with a box drum on Cloven Hoof. Mainly a pretty decent Bruce Springsteen cover, but it was late in the day for an acoustic show after such meaty fare.

Harker on Badlands were high-energy, shouty seventies influenced with punky roots and no guitar solos.

Those Damn Crows on Kilminster worked hard to engage the crowd, but I found myself wandering over to Psychobabylon and Cloven Hoof for a touch of horror tinged Rock 'n' Roll.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Those Damn Crows

Tax The Heat on the main stage had a diverse sound, a bit RNB, a bit funky with harmonies a bit Glenn Hughes like. The set got heavier but they are clearly hugely influenced by Deep Purple and there was a touch of Hawkwind. There was a bit of Punk later on and they were completely different to anything so far.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Tax The Heat

My day ended with the Wildhearts on the main stage. They went down extremely well and did all the big hits with tracks from the excellent new album. I never tire of hearing 'Vanilla Radio' with its huge riffs. There was super-fast Punk such as 'Suckerpunch' and more poppy numbers like 'Let it Go' from the new album and 'Top Of The World' with its insistent circular riff. The crowd got involved with the traditional chant for 'My Baby Is A Headfuck'. Ending with 'I Wanna Go Where The People Go', it was a big finish from my favourite band of the day.


My day opened with Samarkind on the main stage, there was some guitar and lots of Deep Purple mark III vocals which is never a bad thing in my book.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Samarkind

Then I was over to Silk Road on Cloven Hoof. The singer reminded me a bit of Chris Robinson, but I got the feeling this was super early for him and he may not have had his coffee yet. The drummer has definite star quality and reminded me of Vik Foxx.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Silk Road

False Flags with great big juicy riffs and a vocal which is a combination of the Misfits and Iggy Pop were a noisy wall of sound on Bad Lands.
Cadence Noir on Cloven Hoof were obviously influenced by Goth and New Model Army with rubber and PVC clothes, electric violin and shouty folky lyrics. Not really my thing, but entertaining to watch anyway.

Theia on the main stage had a touch of the Glam stomp about them, although their singer looked more like an off duty teacher than a rock 'n' roller. I really do want my Rock stars to look like Rock stars, call me picky.

No such complaints with Bai Bang who rock the sunset strip look as well as sound. Extremely comfortable on the main stage, their catchy Glam Metal is right up my street. Diddi ran around the crowd for the last song, making friends and influencing people.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Bai Bang

Tomorrow Is Lost on the main stage were fronted by a Rock chick styled like a late eighties Madonna. It was a bit Goth sounding so a bit off piste for me, but she knows how to work a crowd.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Tomorrow Is Lost

I catch a bit of DLVRR and Heartsink who are a bit Nu-Metal, before I settled down for Knock Out Kaine on the main stage. It's catchy, accessible and well executed Rock 'n' Roll. Half way through Raz White, the owner of the festival, presented Dean Foxx with his 50 years old badge and birthday cake. Despite announcing that HRH AOR was his last show his brother was back for one last show.

I caught a snippet of the punky female fronted Suburban Toys before getting back to Kilminster for Bigfoot who are all big melodies, flying Vs and big hair. It's melodic Metal in the old-fashioned sense with plenty of head banging.

Next up were Kickin Valentina. I loved their debut album and am delighted to see them so far up the bill on the main stage. They played my favourite 'She Turns Me On' and their new singer is a good frontman.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Kickin Valentina

Talking of good frontmen, the next band was Bullets And Octane who also have both great material and showmanship on the main stage. In such a short set it was monster hit after monster hit for me. Gene Louis comes on stage almost in disguise in a beret and shades, but while guitarist Felipe went for a run in the crowd he took them off, allowing me to get some good shots of the man underneath. He's not short of comic lines, pointing to the 'Wild Turkey' he is knocking back and announcing "This is how we get pregnant." I always love seeing this band.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Bullets And Octane

Next up were The Treatment on the main stage and although I am much less familiar with their material they put on a good show and certainly know how to rock.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live The Treatment

The sound and technical aspects of the Festival had been faultless up to now and so just as the Festival organisers must have started to relax there was a power outage on the main stage. This led to a delay for Hardcore Superstar of thirty minutes or so for them to take the stage, meaning thay had to cut their set short. Looking at the set list beforehand I wondered why they put all the classics first. Once this happened I realised they are seasoned veterans and know that it is not unknown for Festivals to run late. As such, the crowd got all its favourites, e.g. 'My Good Reputation', 'We Don't Celebrate Sundays', 'Wild Boys', and 'Last Call For Alcohol', and the band were great. Kickin Valentina invaded the stage and it was no surprise they would love HCSS and it added to the party atmosphere. Finishing with 'Kick On The Upper Class' and 'Above The Law', this was an energetic performance to finish another excellent day.

Call Of the Wild 2019 Live Hardcore Superstar

Despite the hiccup with the final band this really was the best organised festival I had ever been to, plenty of food, loos and everything really close so maximum enjoyment can be had by all. There was literally also something for everyone, Glam, Sleaze, Rock 'n' Roll, Pop Punk, Blues, acoustic, Nu-Metal, Southern Rock, old-skool Metal, Hard Rock, Funk Metal, Grunge, Alternative and Goth acts, a truly diverse array. It did help that the festival was by no means sold out as there were no queues, this is perhaps to be expected as a first go. I think it might help ticket sales to get an exclusive from a band that had not played the UK for a long time. However, nothing spoiled this festival for me. It was a ten out of ten on content and effort.

Review and photos by Dawn Osborne

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