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The charismatic singer/songwriter that is Glenn Danzig is set to unleash his first new solo Danzig studio album in six years, but this is no swansong by a dying legend. “Deth Red Sabaoth”, produced by Glenn and recorded in Los Angeles over the course of 2009, continues a schedule that was planned out as far back as 1988 when Danzig first stepped out of the shadows of the Los Angeles based horror-band that was Samhain. Glenn truly came from another era. Idealistically; the ‘60s were a time of rapid evolution for the new form of music known as “rock and roll,” but somewhere along the way that radical sound had lost its edge, the danger and mystery diluted and when Glenn was forming his first band in New Jersey, it was daring, razor sharp sweat that would determine its drive. Danzig’s Misfits came out of the womb in 1977 with a will to bring down all that was staid. And later, when Danzig, the band, morphed out of the Misfits/Samhain lineage in 1987 with entrepreneurial producer Rick Rubin and the Def Jam label at the helm, Glenn Danzig went into the new project with even grander ambitions and long-term design.


1988’s “Danzig” debut stripped away the creepy dissonance of Samhain and replaced it with a focused sensibility. It aimed for the gut; and followed by inspired pieces of work, including the epic “III: How The Gods Kill” and the controversial 1993, special EP release, “Thrall – Demonsweatlive”, it provided the band with its first Billboard-charting hit, the EP’s live version of debut album track “Mother,” which caught fire at radio, and found the public at large finally catching up with the unique Danzig vision.


Danzig’s music is a sound made by a ferociously independent seeker of knowledge and the completion of his early vision – with 2002’s “7.77 – I Luciferi” - was not the end, merely a new beginning. Two years later, Circle of Snakes found a band revitalized by its new creative freedom and sharper, and more metallic than ever, this band capitalized on an ever-growing legacy. Anyone playing rock or metal of a dark, gothic nature owes a debt to Danzig. Covers of his tracks have appeared on records and in stage performances by bands the world over and bands like AFI, Melissa Auf Der Maur and even Metallica invoke the Danzig name often, and with utmost reverence. But, this is to also gloss over the man’s immense song writing collaborations with legendary non-metallic names such as Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison; and the huge success of the first “Black Aria” album, which debuted at the coveted #1 position on the Billboard classical chart in 1992.


Glenn is an incredible storyteller and songwriter. And, so it is apt that this album should be released now. Released in tandem with Glenn’s own Evilive label, this 11-song album is an extraordinary piece of work, and one well worth the wait; the album’s bayou-swamp ridden lament, “Ju Ju Bone,” is a relatively upbeat moment on an otherwise dark and brooding album. First single, “On A Wicked Night,” couldn’t be more representative of the Danzig style, incorporating bluesy steel-string acoustic guitar and a chorus as harrowing as it is infectious. The wickedly seductive “Black Candy” evokes paranoia and terror in its doom-laden frame…. All coloured in various shades of black by Glenn’s expressive wailing, with a clarity to rival his best vocal efforts of the past. Joining Glenn in the studio for the recordings, were guitarist Tommy Victor (Prong, Ministry), a Danzig cohort since 1997, and drummer Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative, Seventh Void) who has toured with Glenn intermittently since 2002, but who makes his recorded debut here. Glenn handled the bass for most of the album, and played drums on "Black Candy."


Sales of ten-million albums later and dubbed "goth-punk's Godfather" by SPIN, Glenn Danzig is arguably the most versatile talent to emerge from hardcore's first wave.  His music is dark, gothic, and haunting, and continues to influence generation after generation of music fans across the globe. The very definition of the term “Illustrious career,” Danzig has taken his rightful place in our culture, and it should be no surprise how powerful, and compellingly strong an album “Deth Red Sabaoth” is.

It’s in Danzig’s blood. The blood of the master!


Band Studio Line Up


Glenn Danzig – Vocals, Bass

Tommy Victor – Guitars

Steve Zing – Bass For Live Work

Johnny Kelly – Drums



  1. Hammer Of The Gods
  2. The Revengeful
  3. Rebel Spirits
  4. Black Candy
  5. On A Wicked Night
  6. Deth Red Moon
  7. Ju Ju Bone
  8. Night Star Hel
  9. Pyre Of Souls Icantile
  10. Pyre Of Souls Seasons Of Pain
  11. Left Hand Rise Above





Founded in 2002 by guitarist Bogdan Costea, Romanian female fronted band Magica has never been one to sit on its laurels. Quickly getting into the studio to record their debut album “The Scroll Of Stone”, the band were slow to get moving in the initial few weeks but after two months of hard work this concept album was released to international acclaim despite a label and worthy promotion being absent, and it kick started a career that has gone from strength to strength…


Voted by readers of the Romanian No.1 Magazine “Heavy Metal” as “Best Newcomer Of The Year; 2002”, the band quickly went from twelve melodic, heavy metal songs, in the vein of Rhapsody, Nightwish and Helloween, to a more determined style and contract offers covering both France and South America, saw them release their second album “Lightseeker” in 2004, and then, sporting the video “Bittersweet Nightshade”, tour Europe with After Forever and Nightmare, as well as with Leaves Eyes, Vanden Plas and Apocalyptica. And, the UK would first become aware of them in 2007 when a new video clip for the song “All Waters Have The Colour Of Drowning” popped up on Youtube announcing the release of their first internationally available album, “Hereafter”, on AFM.



Just 1 year or so later and they were back with their the fourth album “Wolves & Witches” which received critical acclaim as  -  a link between traditional Teutonic Metal, female-fronted Heavy Music and Symphonic Metal like Kamelot”….. And this led to vocalist Ana being invited to accompany German power metal sensations Axxis on their European tour with Helloween.


2010 though now looks set to become the most important year in the career of this band to date and although the artwork is still to be confirmed, the music is as strident and poignant as Bogdan has ever produced. Carrying the title “Dark Diary”, this album sees the band working with renowned producer Ronny Milianowicz (Dionysus, Saint Deamon, Wolf) and master-technician Jens Bogren (Symphony X, Paradise Lost, Opeth) who has secured a result in the mastering process that will put this band up amongst the best sounding records in Europe this year.


Magica are comprehensively more motivated than before, and with a new management and agency team now look set to take the next step in their career. “Dark Diary” is an ambitious concept album once again, as was it’s predecessor, but with a dark and mystical story once again, this will last for a long time on the palate.

Band Line Up

Ana Mladinovici – Vocals

Bogdan Costea – Guitars

Vali Zechiu – Bass

Cristi Barla – Drums

6 Fingers - Keyboards



  1. Anywhere But Home
  2. Tonight
  3. Never Like You
  4. Wait For Me
  5. Need
  6. Release My Demons
  7. On The Side Of Evil
  8. My Kin My Enemy
  9. Used To Be My Angel
  10. We Are Horde
  11. Dear Diary

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