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A great way to discover an excellent band at their best.

It will depend on whether you prefer chest thumping Power Metal, classy Classic Rock, or Melodic Hard Rock, as to which of Primal Fear, Voodoo Circle, or Sinner you prefer. However you can rest assured that whichever it is, the man behind, to a larger or lesser extent, them all, Mat Sinner seldom delivers albums anything less than thrilling. So it proves with 'A Touch Of Sin 2', which is one of those "current line-up re-records the old classics "Best Of"" type releases that seem to be so en vogue in recent years. Although to be fair, the motivation here is to "re-own" contractually tangled material from the 'Danger Zone', 'Touch Of Sin', 'Comin' Out Fighting' and 'Dangerous Charm' albums, which were originally released between 1984 and 1987.

The sound is impressive, the three prong guitar attack from Alex Beyrodt (Primal Fear), Alex Schlopp (Tarja) and Christof Leim positively bristling with melodic intent. Sinner himself is in excellent vocal and bass guitar form, while Andre Hilgers puts in a great shift behind the kit. The results land somewhere squarely between Accept and Mad Max, with riffs aplenty, but not at the expense of cracking, memorable choruses. The likes of 'Born To Rock', 'Concrete Jungle', 'Germany Rocks' and 'Lost In A Minute' all sounding potent and fresh, while still having the energy and attitude that made them so irresistible in the first place. Although I could still live without the cheesy chorus of 'Bad Girl'...

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As an extra incentive to long-term fans, there are two new tracks, the pulsating burst of 'Blood On The Sands' and the foot to the floor rush of 'Heat Of The City', as well as a Rocked up cover of the Thin Lizzy classic 'Don't Believe A Word'. The latter works surprisingly well in this Euro-Heavy Rock setting and along with the duo of newbies makes 'ATOS2' a worthy investment for existing fans of the band. With a prime selection of fourteen tracks in all, 'A Touch Of Sin 2' is a timely reminder of how potent Sinner have always been. If you've never sampled their wares before, it also makes for a great way to discover an excellent band at their best.

Steven Reid

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