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Welcome back CJ, it's been too long Sir.

If you've been following the recent exploits of the Wildhearts (and associated) men Ginger, 'Random' Jon Poole, Willie Dowling or Chris Catalyst, then you won't be surprised to know that this latest offshoot from one of the hearts of the wild, 'Mable', took shape under the guise of a Pledge campaign. CJ Wildheart is however possibly the most surprising of the exponents of the fan funded model, the guitarist and singer retreating completely from the music business until some recent guest slots on Ginger's releases and a spate of Wildhearts touring activity relit the flame.

So what has Ginger's perfect foil been up to in the meantime? Well, running and selling his own cleaning business, removing himself from the London rat-race, owning chickens (Mable being his favourite...) and creating Devilspit sauce, that is every bit as hot as its name suggests. Impressively, 'Mable' (the album!) is just as spicy as the lip-tingling creation that was also available through the Pledge campaign, as well as being as loving and giving as any favourite chicken could ever hope to be.

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Basically working alone in his home studio, CJ enlisted the help of producer Lee Wray (a long-time musical partner) to form an album that slowly creeps up on you with smacks of Power-Pop goodness. First impressions are a little unspectacular, the effect being of a fuzzy memoried night out that you can't quite recount to your friends. You know you had fun, but what did you get up to...? Then, as the haze lifts, you begin to have the thundering drums of 'Down The Drain' reverberate around your head, the synthesized joy and hair raising riff of 'Better Late Than Never' "nah-nah-nahing" from your still burning lips, the staccato guitar and layered voice of 'D.C.' convulse through your entire body, before the cracking cover of 'Vitriol' (originally by BlueJuice) has you punching the air in joy and cavorting naked down the street shouting, "Mable, where are you?".

Welcome back CJ, it's been too long Sir. Thanks for the songs, the hooks and the "devilspitting" chickens.

Steven Reid

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