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A few less notes and a little more variety wouldn't have gone amiss.

As someone who plays guitar, I am always up for listening to a guitar instrumental album. And I have sat with the best; Steve Vai, Uli Jon Roth, and Joe Satriani has even made me a cup of tea. I do appreciate however, that it can be an acquired taste, and not everyone can sit and listen to twiddle, or 'shred' as it's better known by those who like it, for up to an hour.

Now I can listen to some of this, up to a point, but after a bit it gets a little too much. The difference between this and the stuff that the aforementioned guitarists do is, when I listen to it I can hum it, or, at least, something remains in my memory. Unfortunately, with Mike Campese's music, that doesn't happen because there are so many notes per second my brain does not compute that much information.

Fair enough, I appreciate that there is some skill and talent involved in this, but the bigger talent in music is coming up with a memorable melody, and that doesn't happen here. To be fair, Campese does give it a good go, and almost succeeds on the second track 'Chameleon,' where he bases the track around a neat sequence of notes, and the fourth track 'She Burnt The House Down,' which is far more Blues based and consequently slower. However, he still plays sections where there's too much to take in.

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Other than this I can remember much about it. In fact, the other tracks on here with lyrics, 'Funky Monkey Man' ("There's a man they call monkey man, He swings from the trees and he is the funkiest monkey around, He loves to eat bananas and anything he sees, And all the other monkeys follow him around, 'Cause he is the funky monkey man" – Urrgh!) and 'Firefly In A Bottle' have no real vocal melody to them at all, and maybe that's down to the fact that as a guitarist, Campese is not a singer.

A few less notes and a little more variety wouldn't have gone amiss.

Andy Brailsford

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