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Neronia's brand of Prog Metal may not be perfect but certainly has potential.

It's fatal to judge an album on a single listen. If that had happened in the past then such gems as Rush's classic '2112' and Dream Theater's 'When Dream And Day Unite' may well have ended up on the "to flog pile". Thankfully common sense prevailed and repeated listens came up trumps with a lifetime of listening pleasure.

'Limnotapes' by Germany's Neronia very nearly ended up on that dreaded pile. On first listen, the flat, almost demo like production, seemed to hint at very little and by the end of the first listen the initial view was not great.

In the essence of fairness and to give a reasoned objective review at least two more spins were needed. On the second play, little sections began to reveal themselves from the shimmering synths of 'Sleep My Child' to the wonderful acoustic intro to 'Cloud Of Tears'. There was certainly something that wasn't present on the first listen.

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Subsequent listens yielded more. Michael Stein's reserved keyboards create an atmospheric ambience that enhance rather than dominate with some simple yet effective solos built more on melody than flash. Check out the delicious solo towards the mid-point of 'Journey's End' which lays the ground perfectly for a soaring climax from guitarist Rudiger Zaczyk. Vocalist Falk Ullmann's voice may be something of an acquired taste but he can certainly carry a decent melody or two.

Positioned somewhere between Charlie Dominici period Dream Theater and the long lost House Of Spirits, Neronia's brand of Prog Metal may not be perfect but certainly has potential and with a top class producer and engineer at the helm they may well take some good ideas and turn them into great ones.

Mick Burgess

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