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Good stuff.

The Reviews Ed and I have a bit of a secret; we're both lovers of Female-Fronted Gothic and Symphonic Metal bands. So each issue he tries to slip me at least one of those bands to me for review (though he does seem to go and interview a lot of these young Ladies himself? [that's a slanderous accusation...hang on... – Ed]).

This month then I find myself in the pleasant company of Italian Symphonic Metallers Ravenscry whose second album 'The Attraction Of Opposites' deals with the dualism of reality and the complex nature of conflict, opposing points of view and attraction. Ravenscry, as you might be able tell from that short description of their music, don't shy away from the darker side of life.

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Though the darkness in the music is tempered and complimented by the lighter yet still powerful vocals of the band's singer Giulia Stefani, whose ethereal stylings bring to life the clever lyrics and songs of '...Opposites'. Also the use of trumpets, saxophones and accordions by the band, on some of the slower songs, gives their music a whole different sound and feel; these songs show a group of musicians who are not afraid to try and do things a little differently.

Try 'Touching The Rain', the beautiful 'Ink', 'The Witness', crushing opener 'Luxury Of A Distraction' (where guitarists Paul Raimondi and Mauro Paganelli riff and spar with each other as their interweaving guitar patters shred the flesh from your very bones) as well as 'The Big Trick' and discover a band who play heavy dark Symphonic Metal with searing guitar solos, clever intricate arrangements and some superb captivating vocals; I'm sure soon you'll become a fan of this act's music.

As much as I like Nightwish and their ilk, there are still plenty of bands out there in Metal-Land who have a sound and style all their own and there is nothing better than getting to discover them and listen to their music. Ravenscry are an act that I will now keep my beady eye on. Good stuff.

Ian Johnson

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