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Phenomenal song-writing and guitar talents in equal measures.

Oughton Tanera are a three-piece Melodic Rock band heralding from Germany. 'Leave The Marked Path' is the brainchild of the multi-talented Heiko (Oughton) Arendt. Oughton wrote, mixed and produced the whole album; he handled every part in the early stages before passing the drums and percussion to Pedda Wohlgemuth and vocals to Michael Stegh. There are many musicians with great talents, however, what is most remarkable about Oughton is the fact that, in February 2013, he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. This left him, at one stage, unable to move his fretting hand and thus he had to develop new techniques in order to be able to play again. This, in turn, has lead to a beautiful, unique guitar tone that subsequently has given rise to an original Melodic Rock album.

'Leave...' has a concept feel but the ten songs do not fit any typical blueprint and all stand up individually, never seeming forced to fit like with so many concept albums.

The mid-paced Rocker 'Come Alive' sets the tone, of light and shade that can be heard over the next forty-seven minutes. 'The Storm' describes the fear that we have that something foreboding is around the corner and features some excellent guitar solos from main man Oughton and great backing vocals (check out the YouTube video).

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A neat keyboard intro starts another Rocking tune 'The Devil Comes' where lead singer Stegh sounds very like Carsten 'The Lizzard' Shulz, as he does on many of the tracks, especially the heavier ones like 'Don't Go' and 'Light And Shadow'.
'Forgotten Words', 'Believe' and 'What If?' are a bit melancholy but contrast the more upbeat numbers. It is, however, the pairing of 'All In Vain', with its cool riff, and the up-tempo '...Shadow' that for me are the real highlights. The latter would have made an excellent alternative album title.

The album concludes with the epic, eleven minute plus, 'Life (Reprise)' that includes arguably the best guitar solos of the entire album. The song encapsulates the mood set by the first nine songs and is an open letter from Oughton to his children who also feature on backing vocals towards the end of the song.

'Leave The Marked Path' has obviously been a therapeutic exercise for Oughton who has used it to showcase his phenomenal song-writing and guitar talents in equal measures; to quote the man himself – "in the end all is well."

Mark Donnelly

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