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One word sums this album up... fantastic.

I've been a big fan of this band's work ever since their debut 'Vale' came out back in 2008. With each new album I've noticed that they were always trying to outdo what had come before, working harder to make their music bigger, brasher and bolder. This new album, entitled 'Ravenhead', sees Orden Ogan taking their music to a whole new level.

The songs are all (and I do mean all) immediately unforgettable with each chorus and hook-line worked and honed to perfection. As a result you can't stop singing them even when the album has stopped playing. So what have main song-writer and the band's driving force Seeb Levermann (vocals/guitars) along with Tobin Kersting (guitars), Niels Löffler (bass) and Dirk Meyer-Berhorn (drums) come up with that is so special on 'Ravenhead'? Well, it's a combination of over the top Metal songs, musicianship of the highest order and devastating melodic sensibilities that could sink a battle ship.

Opening with the seemingly compulsory intro, the band soon blow away the cobwebs with the title track, its blistering guitars riffs and bulldozer-like bass and drums hit you square in the face as they force its wonderfully catchy melodies into your brain. The vocals by Levermann are superb but it's the multi-faceted vocal harmonies that are the true standout on this (and every other) track found on this album; they really have to be heard to be fully appreciated.

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Next comes three songs that, taken back to back, are some of the most infectious Metal tracks I've heard in a while. 'F.E.V.E.R', 'The Lake' and 'Evil Lies In Every Man' are songs for which the term "overblown" is a real understatement. OO seem to have thrown everything they possibly could get their hands on (including the kitchen sink and side-board) into these songs; you'll find acres of melody, tons of guitars and masses of vocals that all make for one hell of a listening experience. They follow these wonderful tracks with even more over the top, brilliantly performed Melodic Metal in 'Here At The End Of The World', the stunning 'Deaf Among The Blind' and 'Sorrow Is Your Tale' to name three, all of which continue OO's assault on the ears but it's a pleasant assault if there can be such a thing; it simply leaves you wanting them to attack you further.

'Ravenhead' is simply Orden Ogan's best album so far. They have been continually building to this since their debut was released and finally all the boxes have been ticked and they have recorded an album that few others in the genre will be able to match. One word sums this album up... fantastic!

Ian Johnson

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