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A remarkably consistent album through all ten songs with no filler in sight.

(Read the FULL interview with Outtrigger in the Fireworks Magazine section on Rocktopia!)

What a phenomenal roster of band's the Gain label has; H.e.a.t, Crashdiet, The Poodles and the brilliant Smash Into Pieces to name just a few. Add to that list a band that you are likely to hear more about in the 2015, the Swedish Modern Rock band Outtrigger. 'The Last Of Us' was named in my top five albums of 2014 for good reason, it's quite brilliant.

With a maturity of sound that defies logic when you consider that the band has an average age of twenty, Outtrigger have found a way of combining several genres into one easily accessible package.

First single 'Superman Is Dead' is a slick melodic Modern Rocker and 'No Excuse' is a fine piece of modern riff-inspired Rock. 'World On Fire' has some growling vocals courtesy of the outstanding Simon Peyron but it also has a chorus so huge that the grand canyon would fit into it. 'Echo' is similarly blessed whilst 'You Left As You Came' demonstrates the musical talent on offer right through the band, from John Lofgren's drumming dexterity through to the duel guitar attack of Timmy Andersson and Adam Axelsson... it's dynamically phenomenal.

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Okay, there may be a modicum of screaming/growling type vocals on some of the songs but it's measured and done in a way that enhances the songs rather than detracts from them. 'Blame It On You', with yet another hugely melodic chorus, is one such example and yet for straight ahead, fired up, aggressive Melodic Rock is there a better song around at the moment than the superb 'Colder'?

Save for the slightly disappointing 'Awaken Me' – an acoustic re-run of a previously released song – 'The Last Of Us' is a remarkably consistent album through all ten songs with no filler in sight and illustrating the kind of classy genre crossover that seems perfect for 2015.

Mike Newdeck

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