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Tragedy (All Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees And Beyond) - The 1865, Southampton (UK) - 05 March 2017

Now, I love our editor and he is adept at sorting out little treasures that he knows the reviewers will enjoy, however I have to say I feared for his sanity when he asked me if I'd go and cover a Bee Gees tribute band. "You'll love it" he said. Having nothing better to do my response was "Erm, okay then" This is how on a very wet Sunday night I found myself in The 1865 in Southampton. There was a fair old wait until the sound of wailing police sirens and flashing lights from the back of the room announced Tragedy's arrival. My heart sank somewhat at the levels of lurex, glitter and Flying V's, but I settled in to take some photos for the first few songs.

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The opening bars of 'War Pigs' was somewhat confusing as I was expecting the BG, but it had barely had time to register when it seamlessly melded into 'Funkytown', it was like Black Sabbath had been caught playing a guilty pleasure. As they crashed their way into 'Stayin' Alive' they well and truly had my attention.

The stage show was at once both homemade and professional, and the whole set is given a slightly art house surreality by Lance, their friend and apparent road crew. He is almost certainly the bastard offspring of Harpo Marx as he blunders around the stage, mopping brows, getting in the way and pleading mutely to the audience. Initially, I couldn't see the point, the show didn't need it, but as time went on you realise that Lance is the seasoning that brings the whole show to life. Without him, they could just be another covers band. Actually that's not really true, like their contemporaries Steel Panther you would be making a mistake if you thought to dismiss them as clowns, underneath the jokiness there is a very professional level of musicianship.

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It takes something bordering on genius to successfully mash together Metal with Disco hits. They successfully riffed their way through 'You Should Be Dancing' and 'You're the One That I Want'. The audience was most certainly a mixed bag, there were the Metallers, less leather and hair than t-shirts and less hair, but there were groups of women who, judging by their dress, were here for the disco. Despite it being a nowhere near capacity crowd, the band drew everyone in, going out and mingling with the audience and ultimately grabbing most of the women and bringing them on stage SP style. As Slayer's 'Reigning Blood' filled the room a lot stood mystified as to where it was going, and as if by magic, it turned into that camp classic 'It's Raining Men'. It was worth the ticket just to see lots of Metallers punching the air and screaming "It's Raining Men", and no-one seemed at all ashamed that they knew all the words.

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The only real Tragedy of the evening was that there were not more people there, but wisely they keep coming back and, whilst they may never attain the dizzy heights that SP have, they ought to. My advice to anyone who has never been to see them, next time around, go. Whether you're a Metalhead or a Disco Queen, you won't regret it, it was the most fun evening I've had for a long time.

Helen Bradley Owers

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