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Crazy Lixx - (Decadence at) Nambucca, London (UK) - 07 July 2017

It was not a large venue for tonight but it was packed to the gunnels with Melodic Rock fans and Crazy Lixx made the most of a small stage to put on a great show! With the posture of Rock stars in a stadium, this was quality eighties style Rock and let's face it you couldn't be shy on delivery with such a cargo to load. Although virtually on top of one another, the band managed an energetic performance and bassist Jens Sjoholm received extra star quality points from the photographers for his old-school stances with his photogenic mirrored bass.

Crazy Lixx Live 1

There was no need to keep the best songs till last as Crazy Lixx had great songs coming out of their ears. As such, it was straight into 'Wild Child' from the new album which could have been a Rock anthem from an arena act. This was followed by the awesome 'Hell Raisin' Women' and the band were on a roll by the second song. The punches kept on coming with the likes of 'XIII', 'Girls Of The 80s', 'Heroes Are Forever' and '21 Till I Die'. I was reminded of bands such as Firehouse back in the day by the sheer quality of radio-friendly Rock this group produced; the harmonised vocals were top quality. Unless they were using backing tapes, it really was unbelievably good when you consider they were using a club sound system.

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Singer Danny Rexon effortlessly hit the spot and made fronting a Rock band look easy and, whilst I'd have liked to see less of an urban baseball cap and more of a Dave Lee Roth image in a front-man of such a strong Classic Rock band as this, there was no arguing with his chops as a vocalist. Guitarists Chrisse Olsson and Jens Lundgren worked well together, sometimes they seemed as one, with good concern for tone as well as technical style. It was a well-oiled machine all round. It was a hot day in London as Rexon joked that they were looking forward to the famous British weather, but somehow managed to pick the one sunny day of the year. Sizzling it was, luckily the band made braving the heat in the club very much worthwhile and the crowd were not at all faded by the heat. They spontaneously shouted "hey hey hey" during the bass solo, they enthusiastically sang the chorus of 'Heroes Are Forever' and showed great enthusiasm although it should be said bands of this calibre in this style are not playing every night of the week.

Crazy Lixx Live 3

For the most part, this band looked super young to have this many "hit quality" Rock songs to play. It is perhaps an indictment of the music industry that they are not better known and enjoying the proceeds on a yacht somewhere. However, it was heartwarming to see this much talent on show. There is absolutely no reason why Rock music cannot rule the roost like it once upon a time did, when that happens Crazy Lixx will be well placed to clean up. What is different from the eighties is that all the band members were focussed and stone cold sober, no messing around. They deserve to be playing in much larger venues. Scandinavian style with strong American Glam and Classic Rock influences, and good studies of Classic English Metal, there's a real hunger for what this band delivered tonight and they did not disappoint.

Review and photos by Dawn Osborne

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