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January, 2016

Written by: Electronic Brain
This version is a must-have.
Tue, 12 Jan 2016 20:24:00 +0100
Word count: 368
Written by: Electronic Brain
An album to live with for a while and, yes, if you put genre-bending claims to one side, one to savour.
Tue, 12 Jan 2016 20:13:00 +0100
Word count: 494
Written by: Electronic Brain
If your taste extends to the aggressive end of the Melodic Heavy Metal spectrum Mustasch should fulfil all your requirements.
Tue, 12 Jan 2016 20:02:00 +0100
Word count: 251
Written by: Woody
# INGLORIOUS “High Flying Gypsy” (Official Lyric Video)   'High Flying Gypsy' is taken from INGLORIOUS self titled debut album 'INGLORIOUS' Preorder the album on Apple Music:
Mon, 11 Jan 2016 21:56:24 +0100
Word count: 138
Written by: Woody
# In celebration of the new Primal Fear album, RULEBREAKER, there will be a number of listening parties happening on or around release date! Check out the below of locations hosting the parties and be ...
Mon, 11 Jan 2016 21:53:06 +0100
Word count: 179
Written by: Electronic Brain
Definitely worth the effort to get hold of if you're a discerning fan of the weird and wonderful.
Mon, 11 Jan 2016 21:05:00 +0100
Word count: 426
Written by: Electronic Brain
The superb job done by Jon Astley on the re-master makes this one well worth buying again.
Mon, 11 Jan 2016 20:50:00 +0100
Word count: 454
Written by: Electronic Brain
The added EP makes a nice bonus to this absolutely essential Party Rock album.
Mon, 11 Jan 2016 20:40:00 +0100
Word count: 382
Written by: Electronic Brain
An album that will appeal no end to those with a penchant for the modern Prog style.
Mon, 11 Jan 2016 20:28:00 +0100
Word count: 492
Written by: Electronic Brain
Though intensely heavy, crushingly so at times, it's chock-full of melody with a myriad of moods and tempos.
Mon, 11 Jan 2016 20:16:00 +0100
Word count: 359
Written by: Electronic Brain
A decent album by an obviously talented bunch of young lads.
Mon, 11 Jan 2016 19:58:00 +0100
Word count: 254
Written by: Electronic Brain
Please check them out, especially if you like bands with dazzling yet melodic musicianship at their core.
Mon, 11 Jan 2016 19:48:00 +0100
Word count: 457
Written by: Electronic Brain
Therion fans will lap this up.
Mon, 11 Jan 2016 19:18:00 +0100
Word count: 340
Written by: Electronic Brain
If Retro Pop Rock tickles your fancies then I whole heartedly recommend giving 'Higher Ground' a once over.
Mon, 11 Jan 2016 19:02:00 +0100
Word count: 442
Written by: Electronic Brain
They may have to do a bit more song-writing wise to stand out from the crowd.
Mon, 11 Jan 2016 18:52:00 +0100
Word count: 289
Written by: Woody
# RESURRECTION KINGS “Path of Love” (Official Audio) 'PATH OF LOVE' is taken from Resurrections Kings 2016 self-titled debut album. Get your copy NOW: iTunes - ...
Fri, 08 Jan 2016 17:11:53 +0100
Word count: 131
Written by: Woody
Fri, 08 Jan 2016 17:06:18 +0100
Word count: 28
Written by: Electronic Brain
Happy New Year!
Mon, 04 Jan 2016 20:11:00 +0100
Word count: 332
Written by: Electronic Brain
You really have to be an aficionado to enjoy it.
Mon, 04 Jan 2016 19:54:00 +0100
Word count: 230
Written by: Electronic Brain
The crowning glory of an already impressive catalogue.
Mon, 04 Jan 2016 19:43:00 +0100
Word count: 417
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