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February, 2016

Written by: Electronic Brain
I was quite impressed with the debut but this one just blows that out of the water!
Mon, 29 Feb 2016 20:55:00 +0100
Word count: 455
Written by: Electronic Brain
Greg Capozzi may have been caught at the border, but there's no exciting contraband here.
Mon, 29 Feb 2016 19:41:00 +0100
Word count: 329
Written by: Electronic Brain
Good fun in a non-essential kind of way.
Mon, 29 Feb 2016 19:07:00 +0100
Word count: 282
Written by: Electronic Brain
They deserve every success they will surely achieve.
Mon, 29 Feb 2016 17:59:00 +0100
Word count: 418
Written by: Woody
# Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the signing of ETERNAL IDOL to the label. ETERNAL IDOL is a new band which evolved from the ashes of HOLLOW HAZE (six albums released independently from 2006...
Mon, 29 Feb 2016 17:17:10 +0100
Word count: 259
Written by: Woody
ECLIPSE “Runaways” (Melodifestivalen 2016)     Order “Armageddonize (Deluxe Edition)” NOW! Amazon: // Apple Music:
Mon, 29 Feb 2016 17:12:47 +0100
Word count: 64
Written by: Woody
# We will be joining forces with our good friends at Fireworks Magazine for some special promotion nights. Dates for the evenings are.... March 18th – Fusion, Liverpool March 26th – Tivoli, Buc...
Mon, 29 Feb 2016 17:09:30 +0100
Word count: 284
Written by: Woody
Straddling the line between dumb hillbilly stoners and genius sleaze-rock satirists, Nashville Pussy are an acquired taste, but a taste worth acquiring for anyone who ever wondered what a bar-room brawl ...
Mon, 29 Feb 2016 17:07:14 +0100
Word count: 511
Written by: Woody
# LORDS OF BLACK “Ghost of You” (Official Audio)     Order the new album "II" NOW: Amazon: / iTunes:
Mon, 29 Feb 2016 17:00:02 +0100
Word count: 74
Written by: Electronic Brain
#Thursday, March 17th – take a note of this date, as this is the day the new look FIREWORKS hits the shelves. New logo, new design, new features, but still the same vast collection of reviews and interv...
Sat, 27 Feb 2016 20:34:26 +0100
Word count: 163
Written by: Woody
# On March 25th, 2016, multi-platinum Canadian rock artist Lee Aaron returns with her hotly anticipated new rock album, Fire and Gasoline. Ever timeless, seemingly ageless, and artistically fearless, Lee...
Fri, 26 Feb 2016 13:38:15 +0100
Word count: 561
Written by: Woody
# CIRCUS MAXIMUS“Pages” 'PAGES' is taken from the album 'HAVOC' Get your copy NOW: Amazon: iTunes: Google Play:
Fri, 26 Feb 2016 13:31:17 +0100
Word count: 91
Written by: Woody
# THE TREATMENT“Generation Me” (Official Track)     Taken from the album GENERATION ME. Get your copy NOW: iTunes - Amazon - htt...
Fri, 26 Feb 2016 13:23:11 +0100
Word count: 132
Written by: Electronic Brain
If Melodic Power Metal is your thing, these technically proficient Slovakians will certainly be of interest.
Thu, 25 Feb 2016 20:27:00 +0100
Word count: 331
Written by: Electronic Brain
Avoid at all costs!
Thu, 25 Feb 2016 20:15:00 +0100
Word count: 434
Written by: Electronic Brain
If you are a sucker for anything AOR, like me, then you'll accept its flaws and enjoy its vibe.
Thu, 25 Feb 2016 19:55:00 +0100
Word count: 293
Written by: Electronic Brain
Quite possibly the closest thing the Scandinavian scene has to Motörhead or Nashville Pussy.
Thu, 25 Feb 2016 19:41:00 +0100
Word count: 437
Written by: Electronic Brain
These guys put some passionate heat into a genre that otherwise would result in being too sober and academic.
Thu, 25 Feb 2016 19:21:00 +0100
Word count: 393
Written by: Electronic Brain
An album full of promise and potential.
Thu, 25 Feb 2016 19:02:00 +0100
Word count: 332
Written by: Electronic Brain
#If you'd slip a copy of Dead Man's Voice in a stack of Cinderella, Faster Pussycat and Guns'N'Roses albums, even the most passionate 80s specialists would presume to have stumbled upon a long-lost Westco...
Wed, 24 Feb 2016 20:09:30 +0100
Word count: 474
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