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Year of the wolf! An interview with BlackWolf frontman Scott Sharp. One of...Read More >>
Blues Pills
BLUES PILLS Blues Pills is a Blues Rock band from Sweden that has just released their...Read More >>
Lonely The Brave
LONELY THE BRAVE Lonely the Brave is a five piece Melodic Rock band from Cambridge who...Read More >>
Mount Salem
MOUNT SALEM Mount Salem is a Psychedelic Rock/Doom Metal band from Chicago that formed in 2012....Read More >>
The Answer
THE ANSWER Raise A Little Hell! Call your album 'Raise A Little Hell' and you better...Read More >>
Andrzej Citowicz Experience
THE ANDRZEJ CITOWICZ EXPERIENCE Interview by Alexandra MrozowskaThe history of rock is comprised of...Read More >>
Bloody Hammers
BLOODY HAMMERS They have just released their third full-length album called ‘Under Satan’s Sun’. Roland Oei...Read More >>
Heaven & Earth
Moving HEAVEN & EARTH in the UK! An interview with guitarist and songwriter Stuart...Read More >>
KRUK: Interview with Piotr Brzychcy Interview by Alexandra MrozowskaDo you remember Kruk from their...Read More >>
HUNTRESS: Interview with Jill Janus Interview by Carl BuxtonHuntress have been on the scene...Read More >>
Red Dragon Cartel
RED DRAGON CARTEL: Interview with Darren Smith Interview by Sue AshcroftMulti instrumentalist and...Read More >>
Kerry Ellis
KERRY ELLIS Interview by James GadenA leading lady in the West End and a Rock...Read More >>
Free Spirit
FREE SPIRIT: An interview with Sami Alho Finland’s Free Spirit made lots of fans...Read More >>
Brother Firetribe
BROTHER FIRETRIBE: An interview with Pekka Ansio Heino It took six long years for the...Read More >>
Scorpion Child
SCORPION CHILDScorpion Child is a Hard Rock band from Austin Texas that plays 70s influenced...Read More >>
Patti Russo
PATTI RUSSO Interview by James Gaden.Landing the gig of Meat Loaf’s duet partner to...Read More >>
Jac Dalton
JAC DALTON Inerview by Alexandra MrozowskaAfter releasing a critically acclaimed debut album 'From Both Sides'...Read More >>
Bruce Fairbairn
BRUCE FAIRBAIRN - Rock Producer ... an interview with Mike Fraser Alister Strachan talks...Read More >>
Eden's Curse
EDEN’S CURSE: Interview with PAUL LOGUE interview by Steven ReidFor Eden’s Curse the...Read More >>
Rhapsody Of Fire
RHAPSODY OF FIRE: Interview with ALEX STAROPOLI Interview by Carl BuxtonRhapsody Of Fire...Read More >>
AOR: Interview with Frédéric Slama Frédéric Slama’s AOR Project is back with album number twelve, available...Read More >>
King Kobra
KING KOBRA: An interview with DAVID MICHAEL-PHILIPS Interview by Brent RuscheAlthough eluding “household name” status,...Read More >>
Neil Daniels
NEIL DANIELS PAUL JEROME SMITH meets the Fireworks Magazine writer and respected author to discuss the...Read More >>
The Darkness
BACK TO BASICS WITH THE DARKNESS Interview Betsy GreenThe Darkness shot into the stratosphere...Read More >>
MOONSPELL Interview by Roland Oei Moonspell released a double album in the form of Alpha...Read More >>
Ikil Oriion
Ikil Oriion Interview by Steve SwiftHe seemed to come from nowhere, arriving on a...Read More >>
Trevor Rabin
Trevor Rabin: the cultivation of Jacaranda by Julie Skaggs As someone who has reinvented himself...Read More >>
Harry Hess
Harry Hess Interview by Carl BuxtonIt’s very unusual to have a twenty plus year career...Read More >>
Harry Paterson
Harry Paterson Interview by Neil DanielsHarry Paterson is a UK based freelance writer. He...Read More >>
Shirley Pena
Shirley Pena Interview by Neil DanielsUS rock journalist Shirley Pena has written for The...Read More >>
Elliot Stephen Cohen
Elliot Stephen Cohen Interview by Neil DanielsUS rock journalist Elliot Stephen Cohen has written...Read More >>
Gillian G. Gaar
Gillian G. Gaar Interview by Neil DanielsGillian G. Gaar is a Seattle based rock...Read More >>
Daniel Bukszpan
Daniel Bukszpan Interview by Neil DanielsBased in the USA, Daniel Bukszpan is the author...Read More >>
Bob Nalbandian
Bob Nalbandian Interview by Neil DanielsA lifelong hard rock and heavy metal fan, Bob...Read More >>
Interview with GOTTHARD at BANG YOUR HEAD 2012 (interview by Julia Braun)I really have to...Read More >>
Mike McPadden
MIKE McPADDEN Interview by Neil DanielsMike McPadden is the author of If You Like...Read More >>
Stevie Chick
STEVIE CHICK Interview by Neil DanielsStevie Chick is a freelance journalist, sub-editor and lecturer....Read More >>
EUROPE Interview with Joey Tempest and Mic Michaeli by Mónica Castedo-López The biggest Swedish rock...Read More >>
Reckless Love
RECKLESS LOVE Interview with Olli Herman by Mónica Castedo-López The hottest band from Finland...Read More >>
The Treatment
THE TREATMENT Interview with Matt jones and Swoggle by Mónica Castedo-López The 19 and...Read More >>
RUSH It`s been over 5 years since the last one but the wait is almost over. Rush...Read More >>
Ryan Roxie
RYAN ROXIE (Alice Cooper/Casablanca) Having spent the best part of 10 years touring and writing with...Read More >>
DYNAZTY (Interview by Carl Buxton) With the UK release of their third album 'Sultans Of...Read More >>
Ged Rylands
GED RYLANDS Back in 1996, the UK melodic rock scene was treated to the excellence of...Read More >>
Axel Rudi Pell
AXEL RUDI PELL First coming to prominence with German band Steeler from 1984-1988 (not to be...Read More >>
Daniel Ekeroth
DANIEL EKEROTH Interview by Neil Daniels.Daniel Ekeroth is the author of Swedish Death Metal;...Read More >>
Paul May
PAUL MAY Interview by Neil DanielsPaul May is a Christian guitarist best known for...Read More >>
Brent Jensen
BRENT JENSEN Interview by Neil Daniels Bren Jensen is the author of No Sleep ‘Til...Read More >>
Mark Evans
Darren Upton
DARREN UPTON Interview by Neil DanielsBritish based writer Darren Upton is the author of...Read More >>
Jeff Wagner
JEFF WAGNER Interview by Neil DanielsJeff Wagner is the author of the critically acclaimed...Read More >>
Mitch Malloy
MITCH MALLOY Interview by Bruce Mee The first time I met Mitch Malloy...Read More >>
Davy Vain
DAVY VAIN (interview by Alexandra Mrozowska)Since 1989 and the debut album of his band Vain...Read More >>
LITTLE MISS DANGEROUS (Interview by Bruce Mee) In the late 80s and early...Read More >>
Michael T. Ross
MICHAEL T. ROSS (interview by Alexandra Mrozowska) “I’m really a guitarist stuck in a keyboardist’s...Read More >>
Oliver Weers
Oliver Weers (Interview by Alexandra Mrozowska)In spite of all the things one might say about...Read More >>
Vanity Blvd.
VANITY BLVD. (Interview by Alexandra Mrozowska) In a rock’n’roll world considerably represented, or...Read More >>
MYLAND (Interview with Hox Martino and Paolo Morbini by Alexandra Mrozowska) Melodic hard...Read More >>
Poison Sun
POISON SUN (interview by Duncan Jamieson) It’s been almost two years since I spoke to Herman...Read More >>
Ronnie Mancuso
Ronnie Mancuso – Firefest 2010 Post-Show Interview, 31 October 2010 (Interview by Brent Rusche)...Read More >>

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