Andrew Wild - 'One For The Record - The Authorised Biography Of Galahad'

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Andrew Wild - 'One For The Record - The Authorised Biography Of Galahad'

An invaluable manual for any budding band hoping to survive in the music business on their own terms.

Published by: Ministry Of Prog

For any band to reach the milestone of having been in existence for quarter of a century is quite an achievement. However, to have notched up twenty five years together as a recording and touring entity whilst holding down day jobs and never actually having signed a record deal, is a real feat of perseverance and commitment. One which 'One For The Record - The Authorised Biography Of Galahad' commemorates in fine style.

Written by Andrew Wild after Galahad had been impressed by his biography of Twelfth Night, 'One For The Record' features extensive interviews with band members past and present, charting the formation of Galahad right through to the present day through the eyes of those who were there, and also a huge amount of people who either helped or merely observed and supported through the band's many different line-ups and styles. It makes for an easy read more in the style of elongated music press interviews rather than a more traditional narrative piece, although the book does (in the main) work chronologically through this outfit's career.

All the participants are candid with regards to the break-ups and make-ups that have characterised much of the history of Galahad, with a refreshing honesty about the shortcomings, as well as the many and obvious high points in the band's catalogue. Galahadeers current and past are also up-front about what caused the parting of ways on the many occasions they have happened in this band's history. However what comes across most strongly is the affection each and every musician who has passed through the Galahad ranks still has for the band, the music and the fans. That aspect goes a long way to explaining the longevity of this outfit, as does the humour and good nature with which Galahad have overcome the many, many obstacles DIY bands face: one particularly ill-fated jaunt round Europe being recounted throughout the book in fine, side splitting, head shaking style.

Self financed and published, the odd typo is easily excused and while there are far "weightier" music tomes out there, I have to say it is a long time since I've enjoyed a band biography as much as I have 'One For The Record'. The very fact that not only was I inspired to listen to the relevant pieces of the band's back catalogue as I read, but to go as far as to actually plug the few Galahad-gaps in my collection, should tell you how engaging a read it is. Add to that extensive song, gig, cover version, line-up and band member lists, a discography and a DVD which cherry picks live performances from throughout the band's twenty five years, not only is this book a must have for Galahad fans, it also makes for an invaluable manual for any budding band hoping to survive in the music business on their own terms.

Steven Reid

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