Adrenaline Mob - 'We The People'

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Adrenaline Mob - 'We The People'

A very good album with songs to suit anyone, however, maybe not everyone.

How does one mix brutality and melody? Take the brutality, add an amazing drummer, a solid bass player and a guitarist who is imbibed with flair and originality rarely witnessed these days, boil them up in a huge pot, add attitude, political rhetoric and a singer who has the living embodiment of Ronnie James Dio's voice, and there you have it. If you enjoyed Adrenaline Mob's previous outings, then I've no doubt you'll enjoy this one.

'King Of The Ring' starts us off nicely with a punch in the mouth, and 'We The People' adds a little slap, with the band locking together tighter than spandex on a three hundred pound wrestler. 'The Killer's Inside' continues in the same vein, though Russell Allen takes a less brutal path vocally. 'Bleeding Hands' has a more modern feel, but some lovely melodies, and the chorus is one of those that truly sticks in your mind. 'Chasing Dragons' is like climbing a Metal mountain; it starts easy, ends up being very hard and fucks your ankles out of spite.

Within 'Til' The Head Explodes' we find some Funk; put that in a bag of iron filings, magnetise it, and that's this song – a funky Metal groovathon. 'What You're Made Of' has a riff that will kick you in the crotch, then raise you up on a chorus dripping with catchiness. I first heard 'Raise 'Em Up' and thought, "you're having a bloody laugh"; it has a great riff, great verse, then the chorus – "everybody raise your hands in the air, raise 'em up like you just don't care...", however, it works, it really works, due to the harmonies on the chorus – subtle but brilliant.

'Ignorance & Greed' has "de-fucking-tuned guitars" and shouty vocals (not everyone's cup of tea) but it's amazingly catchy. 'Blind Leading The Blind' has the least subtle political commentary, but it's delivered with a panache. 'Violent State Of Mind' is just brilliantly written and performed, showing off the whole band at their most proficient; it screams technical prowess and delivers it in buckets. 'Lords Of Thunder' is another master class of riffage and melody. Bog standard cover to close... nope; on this occasion it's 'Rebel Yell', and have no doubt, Billy Idol wishes he could have recorded his song like this.

'We The People' has it all. It's a very good album with songs to suit anyone, however, maybe not everyone.

Tony Marshall

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