Amulet - 'The First'

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Amulet - 'The First'

Amulet pays homage to the corpses of so many forgotten bands.

Formed in 2010, Amulet provide "no-thrills", old-school Heavy Metal, their style being reminiscent of so many NWOBHM legends – early Iron Maiden, Savage and Wytchfynde come to mind.

Starting off with some double-bass drum fury, 'Evil Cathedral' gives singer Jamie Elton chance to show off the thuggish charm in his vocals, although the song in itself is quite simple.

'Glint Of The Knife' has a distinctively dark twist and brings to mind Angelwitch and Satan, although the vocals are little wobbly at times, which robs the song of its potency.

By the time we get to 'Bloody Night' things get a little predictable and the unfortunate impression of a band heading for musical obscurity is given.

Things do pick up, however, for 'The Flight' – a keyboard instrumental piece which sounds like a classic eighties horror musical score. The chime of a distant bell and thunder introduces 'Talisman' which takes us on a darker path, where the influence of Witchfinder General and Quartz is very noticeable in the dense instrumental.

At last, the band find their feet with doom-laden 'The Sacrifice' and 'Mark Of Evil' before subsequently tapping into a hard-hitting riff from the Black Sabbath school of guitar on 'Wicked 'N' Cruel'.

Musically, Amulet pays homage to the corpses of so many forgotten bands, quite where they fit in today's Metal music scene remains to be seen.

Ray Paul

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