Art Nation - 'Revolution'

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Art Nation - 'Revolution'

This album is full of tracks that any self-respecting Scandi Rock fan would die to hear.

They say that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". If I am honest I think it's fair to say that Art Nation, another band from that factory in Sweden where the conveyor belt that makes Melodic Hard Rock acts by the hour never stops running, sound a lot like H.e.a.t (and I do mean a lot).

Now after living with this Gothenburg-based band's album for many weeks, I don't see a problem with this at all because the music is full of hooks so strong they could punch a hole in a wall, so that sounding a bit (sic) like another band just pales into insignificance. The litmus test however will be what the fans of this type of Melodic Hard Rock really think of the songs AN have come up with on 'Revolution'.

Therefore I'd like to steer you in the direction of such superb Melodic Rock gems as '3000 Beats' to name but one and a track which I personally think is one of the AOR songs of 2015. Hooks to die for, a melody line that kills and musicianship of the highest calibre, plus meaningful lyrics about domestic abuse, all make you want to have this track on continual replay but if you do you'll miss out on lots more great songs from this band.

This album is full of tracks that any self-respecting Scandi Rock fan would die to hear. 'I Want Out', the swaggering 'Number One', 'Don't Wait For Salvation' with its powerful riffs and strong vocals, the keyboardtastic 'Start A Fire', the bouncy and infectiously memorable 'Here I Am', the beautiful ballad 'Look To The Sky' and finally the Survivor-like 'All In' are all so good that you really shouldn't miss out on any of them.

Yes Art Nation sound like H.e.a.t and a lot of other Swedish/Finnish/ Norwegian Melodic Rock acts as well – get over it! Their music is wonderful, makes you feel good and if they can keep on writing and playing music of this quality, who gives a monkey's behind whether it's that original or not?

Ian Johnson

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