Axxis - 'reDISCOver(ed)'

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Axxis - 'reDISCOver(ed)'

I’d rather stick to the former Axxis albums as long as I'm sober.

Yet another band going cross-genre? Well, sure. Rock bands re-recording and rewriting disco-pop songs from the 70s, 80s or 90s is no longer a rarity. Others have done it and now German metal band Axxis has released such an album. This one includes 13 more or less typical disco songs and is called ‘reDISCOver(ed)’. The special fact about this is that the band actually let their fans chose which songs to record. To be very honest: don’t do that again Axxis! Fans ain’t always nice…In this case it turned out to be a truly weird mixture of songs. As many others’ opinions about this album are rather negative I’d like to say that I somehow like it. But so far the writers’, fans’ and actually the metal-world’s opinions diverge here: 25% hate it, 25% love it, 25% laugh about it and the rest just doesn’t understand it.

To pick out the highlights I’d like to mention ‘Ma Baker’ and ‘Roboter’. The band made two very cool and kicking metal-versions out of these songs. The metal-ish guitars (even a talk box was used for ‘Roboter’) and absolutely grooving drums give those songs a lot of drive. Furthermore I have to say that Bernhard’s voice – as it’s rather an unusual one anyway – is just perfectly fitting here. The call-response singing in ‘Ma Baker’ totally kicks ass! ‘Locomotive Breath’ really surprised me positively! There’s a lot of power in that one whereas during ‘Life is Life’ (I still hate the original though) and ‘I Was Made for Loving You’ the listener has the feeling the band fell asleep. The rest is okay, I’d just say the songs were badly chosen for Bernhard’s voice. There’s nothing quite special to mention here as they’re all pretty close to the original versions. The only song that is really bad is ‘My Heart Will Go On’. If that is serious Axxis is nuts. If not: awesome parody of a terrible song! I can see Jack and Kate on that damn ship, haha.

To sum it up I think Axxis should definitely stick to their own music as they’re awesome at writing this. With this record they gave us a “sign of life” before their actual new album will be released in 2013. They let their fans participate and here you got the result! So, ladies and gentlemen don’t be so fussy! Axxis did a good job even though they should have kicked some songs out – I guess we all know which ones, haha. This CD will for sure be played at parties in my house when everyone’s just f#!=@in drunk but I’d rather stick to the former Axxis albums as long as I’m sober. The next “real” Axxis record will come soon, so all you negatively-minded metal-heads: you can bang your heads again soon.

My suggestion for the rest of you: buy ‘reDISCOver(ed)’ together with a (big) bottle of JD, have fun, and hell … don’t take everything so deadly serious! “Nana Nanana, life is life…”

Julia Braun

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