Crossrock - 'Come On Baby'

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Crossrock - 'Come On Baby'

A likeable album from a band whose progress I'll now track with interest.

Crossrock were formed in Sao Paulo a couple of years back and, according to their press release, they are the "first ever Melodic Rock band out of Brazil to make an impact on the international scene of the genre". I'm not entirely sure what kind of impact they've made, but with stated influences including the likes of Winger, Guardian and White Cross, a 2016 European tour in the offing and growing airplay around the world, the enticing "quality songs with great riffs" strapline certainly merits investigation.

What we find in 'Come On Baby' is an album that, despite what its somewhat hackneyed title suggests, a band of potential. Opener 'Call You', for example, has a great bridging melody and a strong hook. 'It's All I Need' blends melody with a meaty riff and driving rhythm that showcase well the band's heavier side. 'Never Give Up' is the kind of fluffy track that you'd say had "single potential" were it to appear on an album by a bigger band. 'Let's Dance' is an upbeat, energetic, Aerosmith-type track replete with harmonica while 'I Feel Your Cold' gets a bit Funky, with a nice bit of bass and the pleasing addition of a saxophone showing imagination and offering something a bit different. There is a fun element here that helps to lift the album and sustain the listener through its latter stages.

Unfortunately, not all the tracks here reach the water line. While 'My Life' is rescued to an extent by the 'Panama' referencing Eddie Van Halen-influenced guitar fills, not even the surprise inclusion of a snippet of 'God Gave Rock And Roll To You' can save the title track, which is frankly just dull. Elsewhere too, the Melodic Rock cliché occasionally wins out as well-intentioned tracks fail to ignite. The production is a bit rougher than one might expect from the genre and certainly Melodic Rock of this sort often benefits from a smoother, more gentle treatment. That said, I'm not one for taking the passion out of a performance and, at times, the album sounds refreshingly edgy.

Despite fearing the worst from the album's title, the lyrics reveal Crossrock to be a thoughtful band who have something about them. Overall 'Come On Baby' is a likeable album from a band whose progress I'll now track with interest.

Michael Anthony

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