Dead Lord - 'In Ignorance We Trust'

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Dead Lord - 'In Ignorance We Trust'

Every song sounds like a tribute to Thin Lizzy, the singer really isn't very good and the production absolutely sucks.

Hailing from Sweden, Dead Lord's 'In Ignorance We Trust' is their second album, following on from the debut 'Head Held High' which emerged in 2015. I have to say from the outset that I am completely unfamiliar with these lads who are apparently pretty popular on the live circuit around Europe. Musically, Dead Lord pedal seventies Hard Rock, and on listening to the entire album on several occasions, I am convinced that these boys simply wanted to be in Thin Lizzy. Twin harmony leads, chunky riffs and a production that's drier than the Sahara makes this album an acquired taste.

I'll have to be honest, I have a tendency to like pretty much most things Swedish, however, listening to this album has been, let's say... challenging. The fact of the matter is every song sounds like a tribute to Thin Lizzy; the singer really isn't very good, or he's also an acquired taste (twice I have used that now), and the production absolutely sucks.

Musically these guys sound pretty decent in as much as they are decent enough musicians, but sadly lacking in all the other areas. I honestly cannot find another positive thing to say about this album. What I would say is, outside of their current fan base, there is very little for the average Rock fan to become excited about (to these ears anyway) in a market dominated by much more talented bands.

My suggestion would be to hire a proper singer, hire a decent producer and work on losing the love affair with classic period Lizzy. 'In Ignorance We Trust' is the album, and perhaps, it's also the wisest course of action.

Kieran Dargan

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