Defecto - 'Nemesis'

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Defecto - 'Nemesis'

The original Album Of The Year List has been shredded and Defecto have not only gatecrashed that list, but have grabbed the top spot.

Isn't that just typical? As 2017 draws to a close*, my Top 5 Albums Of The Year list having finally been compiled... then this happens. 'Nemesis' – the new album by Defecto – plops through the door, and if last year's debut 'Excluded' is anything to go by, this could turn that already prepared list right on its head.

'Excluded' was hailed as one of the best Progressive Metal releases in years when it came out in 2016, but to classify Defecto into such a narrow category does a great injustice to the expansive sound and myriad of influences that they draw upon. 'Nemesis' brings together the best elements of modern Metal, traditional Metal, Prog and Symphonic as well as a touch of Thrash in places, but with an overarching strong, melodic theme running throughout.

After the short instrumental opener, the title track blasts forth with a big crunching Metallica-esque riff that's supported by blasts of Symphonic keyboards. It's big, it's bold and bone-crunchingly heavy, yet so melodic. 'Endlessly Falling' is even better, and may well be the best song you've heard all year; again, there's a crunching riff with a real modern Metal feel to it (bringing Nevermore to mind) along with an absolutely majestic chorus that will stick around for weeks. If you check out one song on the album, make sure it's this one.

The vocals of Nicklas Sonne have a real edge and the power to pack a punch, rolling the best aspects of James Hetfield, Warrel Dane, Jeff Scott Soto and M. Shadows into one. Not only does Sonne possess an impressive set of pipes, but his production is powerful and full-bodied, giving a real sense of dynamics to the music.
The brutal Metallic attack of 'We're All The Enemy' contrasts sharply with the beautiful ballad 'The Sacrificed' showing Sonne's versatile and chameleon-like vocals. 'Savage' and 'Gravity' pile the melody quota sky high with hooks that Harem Scarem could have used on their classic 'Mood Swings'.

Not only do Defecto match their stunning debut, they have managed to top it, and have created a record that will appeal to traditionalists and those of a more modern leaning, as well as those of a heavier persuasion and lovers of all things melodic. Those initial fears proved more than well-founded. The original Album Of The Year List has been shredded and Defecto have not only gatecrashed that list, but have grabbed the top spot.

Mick Burgess

(*this review is from Fireworks Magazine #81)

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