DeWolff - 'Live & Outta Sight II'

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DeWolff - 'Live & Outta Sight II'

This is an event – not a merch-pusher, greatest hits package or multi-country trek.

The clue is in the title. Yes, these are recorded gigs, but look at the third and fourth words; there is no doubt these Dutch denizens love the vintage cabinets, authentic amps and studio setting of old-style music. Look at the YouTube clip of them working with compatriots The Dawn Brothers for their new track 'Kill Me Tomorrow'; note the warm feeling and array of stupendous equipment.

Therefore, on a live record (or indeed during an actual show) they won't be a well-marshalled KISS, do the songs and please the eye; expect this to be an excursion on the version with jamming compulsory. Hang on though, they don't run away with it. 'Big Talk' (from their last 'Thrust' album) opens with some wonderful organ to the fore; the combined vocals of Pablo van de Poel, Luka van de Poel and Robin Piso work exceedingly well, but those keys take the majority of the space. It's a strange choice and one that works to place the band on the lounging back foot rather than the pushy, guitar-centric front. The bass joins the organ for 'Sugar Moon', and it's all so soulful on rumbling keys and harmonious female backing vocals.

This is turning into a revue. They whip you up with ease, then take you down with the bluesy deep cut 'Medicine' before they roll out a direct 'Tombstone' with hints of Fleetwood Mac in the chorus. There's sexy Classic Rock in 'Deceit & Woo', which fires up the lava lamps to take us on an eight-minute instrumental journey, while the decision to follow it with Country Rock(er) 'Share The Ride' is akin to a masterstroke. 'Double Crossing Man' is a skewed James Brown packed into a smooth Country Rock tune that is then stuffed into Humble Pie. There are second helpings of Pie and a stupendous Hammond solo for closer 'Love Dimension'; it is so clearly welcome that the crowd even clap along with the backing voices.

This is an event – not a merch-pusher, greatest hits package or multi-country trek. DeWolff are special; they care about the music and each of them delivers as well as they're supposed to. There are no big diversions, just some glorious meandering to an orchard with dappled sunlight.

Steve Swift

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