Dream Evil - 'Six'

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Dream Evil - 'Six'

A pithy collection of songs that will appeal to listeners of all types of Metal music.

Swedish Alternative Metal band Dream Evil are releasing their sixth album, six years after its predecessor. Like fellow Swedes Sideburn, they immediately fail with the lackluster album title. Featuring a dozen tracks (two groups of six ... the numerology continues!), this album features a variety of styles. It is clear that the extended period taken between releases has afforded them time to create an album with the welcomed variety that 'Six' displays. Two traditional Heavy Metal songs open the record, with the next two seeing the band change into a more Melodic Metal vibe. Those are then followed by a series of tracks that have a marked Alternative Metal approach.

The production is great and everything is placed well in the mix. Vocalist Niklas Isfeldt delivers with a power and confidence which complements the music well; his vocal timbre will quickly bring to mind Primal Fear's Ralph Scheepers and (perhaps to a lesser degree) the original voice of Queensrÿche, Geoff Tate. However, he is able to harness his talent and fit the music by remaining in a more conservative range and not over-delivering. No matter the song's weight or mood, there is a consistent and focused commitment to melodicism among the heavy riffing and judicious use of detuned guitars. The initial three are the most impressive songs found on 'Six'. However, the Alternative Metal sounding 'Six Hundred And 66' is reminiscent of modern-day Alice In Chains and shows the band's diverse personality.

With conservative tempos being explored throughout the first half of the album, 'How To Start A War' is certainly a moment that gets the adrenaline flowing. 'Too Loud' is a cracking track with a chorus proudly stating "Too Hard, Too Drunk, Too Loud, Too Proud". These somewhat cheeky lyrics show the band possessing a sense of humour and a refusal to take themselves too seriously. 'The Murdered Mind' is a definite highlight and something the band does very well, delivering catchy, melodic music with a dark, Alternative Metal edge.

Along with the production, the music is all very well executed, whether that is sticking with a more traditional Heavy Metal approach or taking things in a more modern direction. The frustration with the album's lack of focus might detract those looking for something a bit more homogeneous though. Regardless, Dream Evil presents a pithy collection of songs that will appeal to listeners of all types of Metal music.

Brent Rusche

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