Electus - 'The Dark'

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Electus - 'The Dark'

Sometimes we all need a dose of some simple, honest, well-played Rock 'n' Roll, and this fulfils that brief perfectly.

In the heart of the West Midlands, Birmingham and the Black Country have been known for presenting some fantastic bands, of many differing styles, over the years. The latest to add to that list are Wolverhampton's Electus.

Offering a raw, riff-driven, straight-forward Classic Hard Rock style that has its roots in the seventies, yet still maintaining a contemporary edge, Electus' debut album is one that encompasses a vast number of influences without leaning towards any specific act or genre. It neatly avoids any Rock clichés, and manages to slip in a few surprising twists along the way, such as the how the serene instrumental intro 'Shelter' gives into the shuddering, cascading riff of '18'; and 'Sunflower' gives the impression of a Bluesy, meandering ballad until the Ramones-style riff kicks in and the pace is swiftly raised.

Elsewhere, the mid-tempo 'Morning Psalm' is seemingly ordinary until after a few plays, then it truly gets under your skin. The impressive first single 'Rider' drips with a dirty guitar riff; while 'Aphrodite' offers another choice of single as it heads in a more commercial direction. 'Babylon Brother' cruises along around a grooving rhythm until the mid-section bass breakdown, but when the guitars kick back in it emanates a hugely cocksure swagger not unlike early Guns N' Roses; the only downside is the song fades out, when I'd happily accept a couple more minutes of the stunning solo.

Front-man, founding member and rhythm guitarist Russell Peake's voice is perfectly adequate; he's probably unlikely to ever feature in any "Top Vocalist" polls, yet like Mick Jagger and The Cult's Ian Astbury, there's something about his understated delivery that warrants attention. Lead guitarist Ross Kane weighs in with a series of wonderfully tasty licks and solos.

Of course, there's nothing totally ground-breaking or completely essential here; but sometimes we all need a dose of some simple, honest, well-played Rock 'n' Roll, and this fulfils that brief perfectly.

Ant Heeks

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