Forever Still - 'Breathe In Colours'

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Forever Still - 'Breathe In Colours'

Having received a Metal Hammer Award nomination for their debut offering, I won't be surprised if they go one better with this release.

If you were taken with Forever Still's debut release 'Tied Down' in 2016, a near on three-year wait for a follow-up must've seemed like an eternity. Although that's pretty much the norm these days, the band from Copenhagen made such a noise with their first long-player that their burgeoning following were almost certainly hoping for a quicker sophomore release. However, the entrancing opener 'Rewind' tells you that the wait was definitely worth it. While it doesn't exactly rip the doors off the album, it sets an intriguing tone with an evocative vibe.

The claws come out on the following song 'Fight', a hard-hitting slice of melodic anger that's tastefully delivered. The title track 'Breathe In Colours' continues on much the same intense path, and though not quite as compelling as the previous tune, the chilling whispers early on are a shrewd addition which sets up the big-mouthed chorus perfectly. It's far from a controversial statement to say that bands of Forever Still's flavour are ten-a-penny, but where the majority of them are lacking is in the vocalist department because they're not equipped with a singer like Maja Shining.

Blessed with a wonderfully versatile and seductive set of pipes, she is hands-down the pivotal force on this record. The infectious pull of the moving ballad 'Is It Gone?' highlights her in a controlled but engaging mood, thus delivering a song that has "mainstream hit" smeared all over it. For another masterclass in mystical balladry, the breathtaking 'Pieces' shows the strides the band are making as song-writers.

When Scuzz TV closed its doors for the last time in November of last year, fledgling Rock and Metal bands could no longer count on the televised platform to expose their music to unreachable audiences. For a group like Forever Still, who weave powerhouse epics like 'Say Your Goodbyes' and 'Embrace The Tide', that's a chance lost. Nevertheless, this album has enough going for it to brave the tough music industry terrain.

Having received a Metal Hammer Award nomination for their debut offering, I won't be surprised if they go one better with this release.

Brian Boyle

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