Fozzy - 'Do You Wanna Start A War?'

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Fozzy - 'Do You Wanna Start A War?'

A grower, but well worth investing your time into.

Since making the transition from joke covers band to serious Metal outfit with their first all original album ‘All That Remains’, Fozzy have seen each album improve upon the last. ‘Chasing The Grail’ was a powerhouse effort, and after a live album they issued the incredible ‘Sin And Bones’ which showed the band as masters of Metal aggression fused with Classic Rock riffs with a penchant for melody and hook laden choruses.

‘Do You Wanna Start A War?’ is yet another step in the evolution of the band. The rousing title track boasts a classic Fozzy riff from Rich Ward while charismatic vocalist Chris Jericho leads the call. ‘Bad Tattoo’ has a grinding verse before the double-kick driven chorus and single ‘Lights Go Out’ all fit what you’d expect from Fozzy. However, like all good bands, they are prepared to grow and spread their wings. ‘Died With You’ is a powerful ballad and ‘Tonight’ (featuring a guest appearance from Steel Panther’s Michael Starr) is more in the vein of Fozzy’s most popular cover, the Krokus track ‘Eat The Rich’ with a feel good chorus that is bound to go down a storm live.

For those who like Fozzy at their most breakneck, ‘Brides Of Fire’ will suit while ‘One Crazed Anarchist’ sees Jericho soaring over a massive riff, juxtaposed against some growls from Ward. ‘Unstoppable’ sees another first for Fozzy, with the entire song sung in unison by Jericho and guest vocalist Christie Cook. The duet works superbly and the lyrics about stepping up in the face of adversity are inspirational.

The track which took me most by surprise however, was ‘SOS’. I know Fozzy started as a covers band, but this Hard Rock take on ABBA’s track is absolutely top drawer. Jericho delivers probably his best vocal to date and the arrangement is perfect – unquestionably Hard Rock in its approach but also instantly recognisible as ABBA’s song. This left field choice of cover version, along with the amazing rendition of it, marks it out as the album’s highpoint for me.

It took me a few listens to truly appreciate ‘Do You Wanna Start A War?’ but now I know it, I love it. It would have easily been Fozzy’s best album had it not been issued in the shadow of the magnificent ‘…Bones’ – however, every time I play this, I like it more, so in time I may well revise that opinion. A grower, but well worth investing your time into!

James Gaden

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