Hell's Addiction - 'Raise Your Glass'

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Hell's Addiction - 'Raise Your Glass'

Mixing AC/DC groove with a scuzzy, bludgeoning Motorhead ethic.

Mixing AC/DC groove with a scuzzy, bludgeoning Motorhead ethic, Hell's addiction aren't ones for sophistication. A band that are likely to fill their motorbikes with whisky and drink gasoline (yes, in that order) they are perfect biker metal fodder. They rock like they've got you in a neck lock. Ben Sargent comes from the singing school where you warm up gargling glass, while screaming as if hell's flames are licking at your feet. To his credit he keeps his vocals on the clean side, like a youthful Udo. Such a singing style isn't hugely versatile so if you like the first song out of the trap 'Feel Like Rock 'n' Roll' (like AC/DC jamming around a Guns 'N' Roses riff) then you're likely to like the rest of the songs, although the recipe might get a bit samey after 10 tracks of full throttle.

The pick of the bunch are 'Big Bitch' with its infectious, chanted chorus that recalls 'Flick Of the Switch' era AC/DC, and 'Alcohol' that has such a potent energy that it'll bring you out in a cold sweat and give you the DT shakes. 'Raise Your Glass' and 'Wings Of An Angel' see the album out in decent style. Like 'DC they're not a fan of ballads so Ben and his brother Liam rely on a barrage of hard riffery throughout, and Jason Green on bass and Luke Morley (no, not that one) on drums keep the engine running on high revs. Their no frills approach has its moments but it teeters on average occasionally.

If they were a motorbike they might not be a slick Harley Davidson or a reliable Triumph but they've got enough in the tank to take you where you want to go. That is, if the place you want to go is the gates of Hades in search of a party.

Duncan Jamieson

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