Hercules Propaganda - 'Scream For Action'

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Hercules Propaganda - 'Scream For Action'

Cool rhythms, a retro ramshackleness and sack loads of hip thrusting, "we're cool, you're not" attitude.

I'm digging this; cool rhythms, a retro ramshackleness and sack loads of hip thrusting, "we're cool, you're not" attitude. But are they taking the piss? Really, in places, I'm guessing so. And this is the confusion Hercules Propaganda leaves you with.

Silly band name, album covers with chubby naked ladies sitting on the end of a knife and falsetto vocals that either make you cringe or laugh uncomfortably. We're talking tongue so far in cheek here that we all sound like Marlon Brando in 'The Godfather'. Or are we?

If you like The Datsuns, or hanker to howl with The Hives then there's absolutely no doubt that The Rolling Stones ethos, smothered in a pout of Punk, will appeal and yet in places Kiss are the strongest whiff in this pungent pot.

If, like me, the simplicity of the Paul Stanley/Gene Simmons starting point still makes you strut your deuce as you neck a cold gin, then the fiery Lo-Fi guitars will hit the spot. However, when Fritze decides to go all Justin Hawkins on us and reach for the ball-aching heights, the hoarse "I couldn't hit these notes if my life depends on it" strangulation which had my speakers cowering with a withered "really..?", are as baffling as they are "did that really make the cut?" funny.

Yet, huge swathes of the short 'Scream For Action' will have you believing Hercules Propaganda are the real, retro deal. Kiss meets The Hives in a way that might just take them to the Jools Holland's "we don't do Rock, unless it kitsch" mainstream. So stupid in places is this HP sauce that you'll wonder exactly what the brown stuff that's coming out of the bottle is.

Sometimes the aroma is so spicy you'll want to smother your bacon sandwich in it... on other occasions you can't quite resist the temptation to scrape it off the sole of your shoe.

Steven Reid

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