Hungryheart - 'One Ticket To Paradise'

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Hungryheart - 'One Ticket To Paradise'

Just follow that arrow to get to paradise.

Here it is in my hands, the second album from Hungryheart, ‘One Ticket To Paradise’. The Italian quartet again make clear that they are devoted to this sound: pure melodic hard rock. That is the essence of their being, and we have got to be thankful for that. The album starts off with ‘Stand Up’, what an optimistic start! Enthusiastic lyrics with the right beat to go with it. Besides, towards the end of the song we can find the combination of melodic guitars that go hand in hand with those perfect background vocals. And this inevitably makes you want to listen to track number two right away. It’s then when we come across the title track, ‘One Ticket To Paradise’. But wait a minute… is this White Lion? No music lovers, it’s still Hungryheart, but with a rougher sound. For a minute, it is easy to think that the souls of Josh Zighetti and Mario Percudani have been assaulted by the ones of Mike Tramp and Vito Bratta respectively.


‘Let Somebody Love You’ is in charge of bringing the love component to the album in the shape of a mid-tempo ballad. It is also a great duet between Josh and Mario,.and includes a remarkable guitar solo. ‘A Million Miles Away’ is a good song, but a bit long I reckon. ‘Angela’ and ‘Let’s Keep On Trying’ are great fun and ‘Love Is The Right Way’ is just 1:44 but it’s an intense journey to the deepest mid-west. You will easily smell whiskey amongst those chords. ‘Man In The Mirror’ is how the guys pay tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. They creatively reinvented this music classic and they did it perfectly! I never thought I would be able to listen to a hard rock version of this song. Pretty cool!

It is clear right from the start, the cover itself incites us to discover what’s inside - just follow that arrow to get to paradise. Hungryheart surely know the way.

Pilar Sánchez

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