Inner Outlines - 'Perspective'

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Inner Outlines - 'Perspective'

Contains ten snappy tracks that really have the ability to get under the listener's skin.

Inner Outlines are yet another young band from America who play music for young people that is now being reviewed by an old fart. It's a bit tricky I suppose, but at least I like a lot of the stuff younger Rock fans listen to and Inner Outlines are thankfully no exception.

The thing about Inner Outlines is that it's impossible to listen to them without thinking of Fall Out Boy. Opener 'Are You Really Happy Now' rams this home best, and I guarantee you could play it to a Fall Out Boy fan and they'd buy that it was a lost track or something. Hilariously, the promo sheet doesn't even mention Fall Out Boy, preferring to go with Foo Fighters and A Day To Remember which just made me giggle.

Once you get your head around the similarity and have a few listens, it becomes apparent that Inner Outlines are very good indeed which is handy as Fall Out Boy went downhill a good while back. Vocalist Matt Hall possesses the required ability to scream powerfully without sacrificing any clarity that goes so well with this punky type of music, and he's actually a pleasure to listen to because of the determination and conviction in his vocals.

'Perspective' contains ten snappy tracks that really have the ability to get under the listener's skin. There are both aggression and melody wrapped up in interesting rhythms made by a group who I think will one day soon make the subtle adjustments that will evolve their sound into their own. If you like the old Fall Out Boy style this will be right up your street, and should you remember the years around 2005 as a glorious time for cool, angry teen music, then Inner Outlines are a bit of a must as they bring back memories that make me smile.

Alan Holloway

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