Jade Vine - 'Nothing Can Hide From The Light'

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Jade Vine - 'Nothing Can Hide From The Light'

This debut album has an unmistakable Anathema vibe with its ambient soundscapes.

Overseen by David Cavanagh from prog-rock band Anathema, London based Jade Vine's debut album has an unmistakable Anathema vibe with its ambient soundscapes. It does, however, have enough of its own character to make the band more than mere copyists. The lyrics are a mixture of self-reflection and aiming for self-improvement with an air of melancholy permeating throughout.

The tracks offer interesting, varied arrangements and the music goes from a whisper to a roar and back again, offering a depth that rewards with repeated spins. Its expansive widescreen music creates a mood of open space and sorrow. Opening track 'Last Days Of Apathy' is a fine example of their ambition with ambience vying with guitar heaviness, and the spoken outro that declares their intention and what they're trying to achieve on this record, "for my mind to be creative and my soul to be free. These should really be the last days of apathy." 'Lost It All' has a strong, more mainstream chorus and the title track, 'Nothing Can Hide From The Light' patiently builds to crunchy guitars underpinned with subtle but effective harmonies.

There are lighter songs like the ballad 'Days Of Sorrow' which has an interesting percussive use of guitar and the high pitched vocal helps create the feeling of flying that characterises the song's lyrics; and more well-crafted harmonies give the sense of wind further helping the "Feels like flying" hook to glide in the air. 'Take Me Under' is another appealing track; its Latin-like guitar and vocal delivery gives the song a unique quality. 'Lose Control' with its title repeated over and over works hypnotically and the final track 'Say It, Sell It' ditches the ambient soundscape, at least temporarily, to show the band can rock out when they want to with some fine percussive playing from Babis Margaritides, before the band rock it out to its conclusion; its intensity drawing you in hypnotically once again.

If the alt-prog of Porcupine Tree, the power of Pain Of Salvation and the ambience of Anathema tickle your fancy, then Jade Vine are worth exploring.

Duncan Jamieson

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