Jim Jidhed - 'Push On Through'

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Jim Jidhed - 'Push On Through'

This is going to take some beating when it comes to Melodic Rock albums released this year.

Jim Jidhed, as many of you probably know, is the vocalist for the band Alien, but he is also a solo artist and now returns with a new album entitled 'Push On Through'. It's the type of album that reminds me why I love AOR so much, one that's full of rich harmonies, lush melodies and wonderful musicianship all alongside a voice you could listen to for hours and never get bored of doing so. This album has everything that the "Pink & Fluffy Brigade" (copyright Derek Oliver) could want in a release. That being said, all of the above would be redundant if the songs were poor. Thankfully they aren't, instead we get eleven tracks that you'll want to revisit time and again and any AOR fan worth their salt, after listening to this album, should be as happy as a pig in the proverbial.

The album kicks off with 'Glorious', a wonderfully frenetic up-tempo Rocker that obviously comes from Jidhed's working relationship with his new song-writing partner Daniel Flores (Mind's Eye, The Murder Of My Sweet). Things then settle a little and Jidhed begins a masterclass in how to perform AOR of the highest standard. 'Push On Through', 'If We Call It Love' and the intoxicating ballad 'Waiting For Summer', where Jidhed shows us all why he's considered one of the best singers working in Rock today, come thick and fast.

'One Breath Away' is a real ear worm of a track where Jidhed's vocals are so uplifting and the guitars of Michael Palace (who recently released an excellent album of his own) are so inspiring that they give your musical soul a lift as you listen. It doesn't end there though, as Jidhed and his band-mates continue their melodic assault on your ears with 'Too Many Words', the hook-laden 'Next In Line', 'Drowning' (a ballad to die for) and the cool, soulful 'It Is What It Is'. I can honestly say each time I've played them, they have sounded better and better.

AOR when done right is a glorious thing to hear and Jim Jidhed has nailed it with the superb 'Push On Through'. This is going to take some beating when it comes to Melodic Rock albums released this year.

Ian Johnson

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