Kissin' Dynamite - 'Generation Goodbye - Dynamite Nights'

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Kissin' Dynamite - 'Generation Goodbye - Dynamite Nights'

If Kissin' Dynamite aren't on your radar then I advise you to check them out, and I can think of no better introduction than this live release.

There is a likeable charm to German quintet Kissin' Dynamite that translates assuredly through the grooves (or megabytes given I'm listening to digital promo MP3s) of this, their first live release following five studio albums since 2008.

Proving the adage that you should always open an album with a strong song, 'Generation Goodbye – Dynamite Nights' kicks off with a trio of lead tracks from their last three releases. The mid-tempo 'Generation Goodbye' sees Kissin' Dynamite warming up their engine oil before dropping a gear for the thrilling 'Money, Sex & Power'. From the pulsating opening riff – accompanied by a suggestive "bunga bunga" female backing track – through to front-man Hannes Braun's commanding Teutonic delivery, it's an early highlight and contender for one of their very best numbers. A rival for that claim follows immediately in the form of 'DNA', a big, ballsy and enjoyably silly anthem that features blasts of Euro Techno; it really shouldn't work in this context but, with tongue firmly anchored in cheek, it does. 'Running Free' adds yet another barnstormer to the set – these Swabian boys have a hell of an ear for a tune – and it's clear that the Stuttgart crowd are emphatically Kissin' Dynamite disciples.

'Love Me Hate Me', 'Ticket To Paradise' and 'Somebody To Hate' bolster the set-list further, while Jennifer Haben of Symphonic Metal act Beyond The Black lends her fine voice to a duet with Braun on the rousing 'Masterpiece'.

Only a handful of the twenty-four tracks presented here fail to reach the heights of the aforementioned numbers, a fact that makes the absence of the majestically sinister 'Manic Ball' (from 2014's 'Megalomania') a glaring omission. However, the set ends on a high with the soaring 'Flying Colours', my personal favourite song of 2016.
As well as the now-ubiquitous MP3 download album, 'Generation Goodbye – Dynamite Nights' is additionally available packaged as 2CD plus a Blu-ray or DVD of the show.

If Kissin' Dynamite aren't on your radar (they only surfaced on mine last year) then I advise you to check them out, and I can think of no better introduction than this live release.

Caesar Barton

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