Lacuna Coil - 'Delirium'

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Lacuna Coil - 'Delirium'

I liked this a lot more than when I first played it, which I suppose means they have succeeded in their task.

I have been an admirer of Lacuna Coil for quite a few years now, having seen them and interviewed them numerous times, but when I first heard this album I didn't like it. I felt that the band had transformed from a mainly Melodic, Female-Fronted band, to something a bit too Death Metal, mainly due to Andrea Ferro doing far more growling, and I have never liked growling. It was track one, 'The House Of Shame', that I based this opinion on, heard in the car as I was driving to work, which is where I listen to most of my music these days. Then, as usually happens in such cases, I started to hear things I was a little more appreciative of, in the middle of things that I still hated and were still there. 'The House Of Shame' wasn't really what I was expecting on first hearing.

'Broken Things' actually sees Andrea singing at the beginning, before Cristina Scabbia takes over and there's a touch of Arabia in there. 'Blood, Tears, Dust' actually has a techno start, and Andrea growls again, but the chorus is infectious and reminds me of something, though I can't think what. I understand that the band was going for a heavier sound with this album, which is OK, but I began to realise that, whilst achieving that they had found a sound that they were happy with, guitar wise, and stuck with it throughout, with really no variation. Ultimately, this slightly detracts from the songs themselves and puts them all on a similar level. Some are better than others; 'Claustrophobia' is quite anthemic in parts while 'Downfall' (which features Alterbridge and Slash vocalist Miles Kennedy) and 'Take Me Home' are two of the best on here and closer to the typical Lacuna Coil sound I am used to.

I always think it is a bit of a risk to change the sound that you got noted for as you don't know how it's going to be received by those who already like you. Admittedly, it didn't do Within Temptation any harm, and maybe that's what Lacuna Coil is trying to do. So, subsequently, I liked this a lot more than when I first played it, which I suppose means they have succeeded in their task.

Andy Brailsford

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