Lordi - 'Scare Force One'

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Lordi - 'Scare Force One'

Lordi know exactly what their fans want and once again that's exactly what they deliver.

Due for release (somewhat appropriately I might add) on Halloween, 'Scare Force One' is the seventh studio album from Finish monster Metaller's Lordi, the latest instalment in a career that has now been going from strength to strength for more than twenty years.

Coming to prominence in their homeland about a decade or so ago, their outlandish costumes and theatrical stage show certainly made an impact (for all the right reasons for once) on the annual camp fest known as Eurovision back in 2006, and since then they've toured extensively all over Europe (and further afield) to promote each new release.

Like Marmite or The Darkness however, Lordi tend to polarise opinions amongst Rock fans – on the one hand there are those who believe it's all just a triumph of image over substance, on the other there are those (myself included I should add) who prefer to think of them as a modern day extension of acts like Kiss, Alice Cooper, King Diamond and even GWAR (although musically they're much closer to the first three than the latter!). If Lordi have failed to seduce you to their cause thus far then chances are that '...One' won't do it for you either; but if larger than life, almost cartoon like (for want of a better description) Metal proves a welcome distraction from time to time – hey, it works for Manowar – then this could just be the kind of surreptitious dalliance you're looking for.

Basically, strip away the costumes and bombastically overblown production job and you'll find that Lordi are just an old-school Rock/Metal band at heart, their rabble rousing, riff driven songs flying the flag for a genre that has endured and thrived despite numerous attempts to bury it. Okay, "erudite" little ditties like 'How To Slice A Whore' and 'Cadaver Lover' (both great cuts by the way which evoke fond memories of Cooper at his most caustically wicked) might not win them too many friends with the PC brigade, but wasn't that "middle digit salute to the establishment" the whole point of Metal in the first place?

No, aside from a couple of left of centre outings – the malevolent 'Hell Sent In The Clowns' and the almost Gothic 'House Of Ghosts' – this is just prime time, rabble rousing Metal a la Lordi with tracks such as 'The United Rocking Dead', 'Scare Force One' (very Lizzy Borden at times) and 'Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein' leading the charge.

Love 'em or don't ... Lordi know exactly what their fans want and once again that's exactly what they deliver!

Dave Cockett

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