Midnite City - 'Midnite City'

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Midnite City - 'Midnite City'

This is absolutely bloody magnificent.

Formed by Rob Wylde and Pete Newdeck, Midnite City draw inspiration from the old-school days of the mid to late eighties era of the Sunset Strip. A time when "Bubblegum" Metal was all the rage and bands like Poison and Trixter were rocking a whole new audience with equal measures of guy liner and melody. If Midnite City had happened back in the day, without question, they would have been contenders. Armed with an album full of catchy riffs and infectious melodies, these guys have managed to recreate that era perfectly for those that hark back to the glory days of Hair Metal.

'Ghosts Of My Old Friends' is without doubt one of the summer party anthems that bands have simply forgotten how to write, while the melody overload of 'Summer Of Our Lives' just rams the fact home in case there was any lingering doubt. The Harem Scarem-like chorus of 'Nothing's Like Losing You' is to die for and it's dripping with what sounds like a thousand tracks of backing vocals over luscious keyboards – it's pretty irresistible.

The obligatory ballad 'Everything You Meant To Me' is absolutely masterful. Cut from the same cloth as Danger Danger's 'I Still Think About You', this is seriously a contender for the Power Ballad Of All-Time list. No joking, had this been released in 1988 it would have sold by the truckload and been a bona fide Top Ten hit everywhere. 'I Just Can't Take It' and 'Things She Said' continue the masterclass without skipping a beat, while 'Think About You' keeps the bar at a stupidly high level.

Midnite City have come up with an absolute corker. While bands like Station and The Radio Sun have been leading the way recently in the retro "Hair" album department, Midnite City have unquestionably muscled their way in as the finest purveyors of Hair Metal currently operating today. It may have been done before, but it hasn't been done this well since 1988. It sounds absolutely huge with layers and layers of everything. It may be 2017 but for the last forty-five minutes I've been transported back to 1988. Paying a more than a respectful nod to bands like Vixen, Trixter, Harem Scarem and the masters Danger Danger, Midnite City have crafted something really special that deserves to be heard by anyone that may have bought an album by any of the aforementioned bands. This is absolutely bloody magnificent.

Kieran Dargan

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