Midnite City - 'There Goes The Neighbourhood'

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Midnite City - 'There Goes The Neighbourhood'

There can be no argument that Midnite City have quickly and firmly established themselves as an AOR favourite.

Midnite City now return with their second album a mere twelve months after their first release. The band's debut was loaded with memorable riffs and hugely singable choruses, and it still ranks highly on the "straight out of the eighties" list. It fully deserved the praise it garnered, but can their sophomore release maintain or even surpass the debut's extremely high standards?

'Here Comes The Party' kicks off the album with pumping bass, pounding drums, searing riffs and "steeped in the eighties" whoa-whoa choruses. 'Give Me Love' keeps the party swinging at full tilt, and if this song fails to get you fist-pumping, foot-tapping and singing along, then you best seek medical help to see if you're still alive. 'You Don't Understand Me' comes from the Danger Danger school of balladry and it's cut from the same cloth as 'Don't Walk Away'.

The likes of 'We're Going To Make It', 'You Are All I Need' and 'Hard To Get Over' keep things ticking over nicely, and because every song fits perfectly and the overall quality is at such a high level, it's tough to class any particular track as a standout. I should mention the backing vocals from start to finish are stunning.

This time around there also seems to be even more emotive vocals from Rob Wylde, and whilst plaudits are being handed out, Troy Meakin's guitar is rather tasty throughout; he plays at all times for the song and avoids any fret-board wankery.

'Heaven's Falling' is a fantastic ballad which liberally sprinkles some rather sparkling keyboards alongside the great vocals – it's just bloody marvellous. 'Gave Up Giving Up' takes us towards the end with a typical chant-along chorus backed by a big riff, while album closer and my clear-cut favourite, 'Until The End', is absolutely immense.

The production, courtesy of Pete Newdeck, is fantastic and the album itself is like Ronseal – does exactly what it says on the tin! The one possible slight danger for Midnite City is now being pigeonholed into "soundalikes" categories, perhaps when the ideas flow for any potential next release, I would hope that musically the band stretch themselves just a little. There can be no argument that Midnite City have quickly and firmly established themselves as an AOR favourite, the trick is to cement that without covering the same ground again. This album should be mandatory listening at every Christmas party this year!

Kieran Dargan

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