Monster Truck - 'True Rockers'

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Monster Truck - 'True Rockers'

With a New Wave Of Classic Rock now in full swing, this scintillating form warrants them spearheading the new revolution.

Despite the sheer quality of Monster Truck's first two albums ('Virtuosity' and 'Sittin' Heavy') and an extremely healthy fan base, the stock of these Canadian rockers still hasn't risen to a more deserving level.

Although the fruits their fellow countrymen Bryan Adams and Rock's favourite punch bag Nickelback experience these days may yet be a couple of albums away, they should still be dining at a bigger table than they are now. That being said, history has many times shown us that killer third albums can potentially catapult a band's fortunes to stratospheric heights. If this latest batch of fist-clenchers from Monster Truck doesn't do it for them, then we may as well just all pack up and go home.

There's no hanging about with this album, they get straight to the point with 'True Rocker' where they have a little help from Twisted Sister's Dee Snider. This thumper literally kicks the door down and floors you with an imposing and anthemic delivery. That's quickly followed by the cleverly-titled 'Thundertruck', another barbaric orgy of sweaty, denim-wearing barroom rockdom that reaches its peak with an infectious "1985" chant.

'Evolution' may, at times, drift into Kings Of Leon territory with its arty chorus, but it still lingers and leaves you wanting another immediate spin. Things are back on familiar ground with the sensational, dirty Blues stomp of 'Devil Don't Care' which features some very seductive harmonica.

It may be tempting to call 'Undone' a conventional power ballad, but the heartstring pulling of vocalist/bassist Jon Harvey gelled with the fret swooning of Brandon Bliss puts it in a league of its own. The madness returns with the anarchy-drenched 'In My Own World' which boasts a full-on Punk Metal vibe.

Following that, the mayhemic punches keep coming; 'Denim Danger' and 'Hurricane' are simply textbook Monster Truck, both brimming with raw power and brash attitude, and both are towering examples of a band who've hit a real creative mojo.

There's no doubting that Monster Truck are one of the finest bands to emerge in recent years, and going forward, they will likely be one of the most important. With a New Wave Of Classic Rock now in full swing, this scintillating form warrants them spearheading the new revolution.

Brian Boyle

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