Morild - 'Aves'

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Morild - 'Aves'

The six members of Morild have created a substantial second work.

This is not a band to do things by halves. I reviewed their auspicious double album debut in Fireworks #44 (click HERE to read the review on Rocktopia) and now their 75 minute follow up has arrived. They have still not secured the record deal I assumed would come their way when label bosses heard the debut, so once again you will need to interrogate the band's web site to secure your copy.

A very pastoral and languid album, and as its title suggests, birds do feature quite prominently, if not in the lyrics then in the accompanying homily accompanying each set of lyrics, and by way of illustration. It is an album designed for the ardent prog rocker, as two of the six tracks are real monsters, sprawling over twenty minutes apiece with extended instrumental sections delivered de rigueur!

It's an album where lovers of what I will term "traditional" prog rock will find much solace, as one by one they will be able to recognise influences from the likes of Jethro Tull (because of the extensive and delightful infusions from flautist Mari Haug Lund and especially in 'The Patient Fisher' and 'Waiting For The Ferry'), Focus (there's a section somewhere in the middle of 'Wildflower' where you will think you are listening to the quoted band's classical era) and both The Flower Kings and Camel (throughout the album). But that is not to exclude clear musical references to many other bands of the genre – which you and your prog-loving friends may whisper to one another in hallowed tones!

I do have to remark that in one respect 'Aves' is something of an endurance test for the listener, because no matter how many musical surprises keep coming along (and there are very many that will bring a smile to your faces as you concentrate: and you do need to concentrate as background music this is not), you may find like me that it is difficult to accomplish hearing all in one go. For the purposes of this review, each listen I have given 'Aves' has been in two sittings, with a rest between the wonderfully haunting and (at five minutes) relatively brief 'Time River' and the thirteen minutes of 'Labour Day', where the intro to the song played on ukulele may take you by surprise (although probably not, now that you have read it here!) Where proceedings suddenly step up a gear and pace (slightly) around about half way through 'Waiting For The Ferry', it is something of a relief I can tell you – but don't expect this to last for very long!

The six members of Morild have created a substantial second work and one in which fans of the genre can lose themselves in its understated beauty and splendour. I look forward to their third (apparently already underway) opus!

Paul Jerome Smith

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