Neverstar - 'I'll Be Waiting'

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Neverstar - 'I'll Be Waiting'

Female fronted metal/rock from the UK.

Neverstar is a female fronted metal/rock band from the UK, officially formed in 2009 and primarily the ambition of founding members Pieter Cronje (guitar) and Vega Sims (vocals). 'I'll Be Waiting' is Neverstar's debut album and is akin to a harder edged version of Evanescence.

Opening track 'Lose Control' is a great start to the album. The song is propelled along by a driving riff, the ethereal vocals being something of a light to the musical dark. From then on each song generally contains a nice balance, giving indication of a talented writing ethic. The powerful music is complimented by Sims's voice, but if I'm honest it takes a number of spins for the hooks and melodies to take any kind of hold. Initially the material simply washed over me despite my intense concentration levels. Though the album has a nice pacing and the songs have a good energy, too many have a similar structure and tempo to allow them to forge individual identities.

Vega Sims does her best Amy Lee (Evanescence) impression, but she needs to add a little more bite to her projection. The riffs tend to be uncompromising and brutal, demanding something with more power to match their ferocity. 'Now Or Never' sees Vega pushing herself more and this gives the song more distinction and appeal. The title track is another with greater impact and a good way to finish the CD. One thing I was drawn to throughout the CD was the drum sound. It is a strong feature of 'I'll Be Waiting' and Leigh Prout's performance is something of a stand out. The production, courtesy of Neil Haynes, gives everything a nice clarity and allows everyone a chance to shine, again showing what is possible with a smaller budget.

I can see Neverstar going down a storm at some of the Female Metal Voice type shows or festivals, and despite some misgivings 'I'll Be Waiting' is a good way to get the recording ball rolling.

Dave Bott

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