Nostra Morte - 'Sin Retorno'

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Nostra Morte - 'Sin Retorno'

A potential theatrical gem for those with varied tastes and a passion for the Symphonic genre.

With a glossy cover featuring a grand logo and striking vampire painting, I guessed this was some form of Gothic Opera. That first impression proved correct, but a glance at the tracks will tell you this isn't your average European act. Nostra Morte is a Mexican seven piece Symphonic Rock band with three vocalists, similar to Amaranthe. They formed in 2007 and released 'Un Cuento Antes De Morir' in 2009.

Its sequel 'Sin Retorno' features a live intro, an instrumental and twelve songs of grandiose, choir and orchestra filled Gothic Rock all delivered in an exceedingly theatrical way with their own flair. For example 'Cuando La Muerte Se Viste De Gloria' has a Mexican flavour, helped by some authentic horns, that separates this from anything more European. 'Requiem DeMort' is a versatile song with a very theatre like vocal duet backed by dense guitar and swirling arrangements. The other multi-faceted track is 'Nova' which flits between passionate ballad and galloping Heavy Rock. There's an English version 'Nova - Join Me To Dream' (feat Gaby Koss) at the albums end. 'Erik El Rojo', 'El Llamando' and 'El Amo Del Reflejo' offer a more familiar Gothic Opera vision with crunching progressions, chanting choirs and occasional growling. Alternatively there's a few slower paced songs like the power ballad 'El Mal Es Mi Dios' and the hypnotic 'Persefone' with its unusual scaling vocals.

I'm sure most first reactions will be the same as my own. I wasn't sure about it at all but having persevered I'll admit that I now find this album a joy. It's a majestic record but its appeal will be limited as those with a traditional taste may find this too pompous. The fact that every song bar one is sung in Spanish might also put some off. But if you're not fazed by these factors you'll be rewarded with a rich listening experience. Victoria Velmort is a talented operatic soprano and her male counterparts Eiven DuMort and Alferis DaMort match and contrast her well, although their particular operatic style bothered me a little. Thankfully there's no serious grunting and only scowled male vocals in two songs. Musically this is fantastic with a real diverse sound and a first rate polished finish.

'Sin Retorno' is a potential theatrical gem for those with varied tastes and a passion for the Symphonic genre.

Dave Scott

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