Noveria - 'Risen'

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Noveria - 'Risen'

A surprisingly excellent and classy Italian slice of Metal!

Noveria are an Italian Progressive Power Metal band that describes their music as "Catastrophic Metal". That may have got lost in translation because they actually do themselves a disservice with that label as they are far from catastrophic! In fact, aspiring towards the likes of Symphony X is to be admired and they are certainly no slouches in the musical and technical department.

Actually, I considered Symphony X as a reference point before discovering during my exhaustive investigative research that Russell Allen has been a guest vocalist for DGM on their latest album, another impressive Progressive Power/Melodic Metal band from Italy that features Noveria's bassist Andrea Arcangeli and keyboard player Emanuele Casali as well as the producer of this record, Simone Mularoni, who is DGM's guitarist/producer. That tie-up all came about after DGM were support band on the Symphony X/Pagan's Mind European tour, where, incidentally, PM's guitarist Jorn Viggo Lofstad was also asked to contribute to DGM's new album.

Simone Mularoni has done an excellent job of capturing their dynamic punch and crisp Metallic sheen as well as allowing keyboard wizard Casali's soundscapes to ebb and flow throughout this production. The throbbing bass of Arcangeli allied to the aggressive drumming and double bass pounding of Omar Campitelli are an anchoring cog in the wheel of hotshot guitarist Francesco Mattei's powerful riffs and superlative sweeps and runs.

'The New Age' is a drum and synth instrumental intro that segues into the title track – a fast paced Melodic Power Metal battering ram with classical overtones and vocalist Frank Corigliano giving a melodic taste to proceedings with his high elongated tenor voice. The musical harmonics Mattei creates on the solo also add subtlety to the aggressive stomp of the song.

'Downfall' is effectively the first single as they have provided a video to accompany the song. Again it's fast paced and energetic featuring backing growls amongst Corigliano's high-end singing with plenty of keyboard interplay from the talented Casali and a blinding arpeggio strewn solo from Mattei.

'Ashes' adds some Symphonic touches to the heavy riffing and rapid pace whilst producer Mularoni guests on 'Fallen From Grace' and indulges in some marvellous twin harmonised melodic interplay with Mattei as the brooding, menacing power-house riffs drive the song along. Casali has his own solo spot to showcase his keyboard repertoire as he does on most of the album. Arcangeli and Campitelli are a solid rhythmic unit and on album closer 'Waste' create a typical Progressive Power Metal rhythm with time changes and rapid fire drumming to go with the arpeggio strewn licks and an underpinning melodic sensibility that pervades the whole album.

A surprisingly excellent and classy Italian slice of Metal!

Carl Buxton

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